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Blood Money paid upon his Death

Download PDF: [S] Blood Money paid upon his Death Qadi Abu Tahir Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Nasr - may Allah be pleased with him –narrates:   News reached me that in the locality where Qadi Abu Haazim - may... Continue Reading →

Allah accepted his Du’as for the Hujjaj

Download PDF: [S] Allah accepted his Du'as for the Hujjaj It is mentioned that Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali bin Muwaffiq - may Allah be pleased with him - had performed over fifty Hajj and the Thawaab of all of these Hajj were... Continue Reading →

Gold Coins from the Sand

Download PDF: [S] Gold Coins from the Sand Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Awhaddeen Kirmani - may Allah be pleased with him –narrates:   Once I was on a journey for Hajj in the blessed company of Hadrat Shaikh Jalaaludeen Tabrezi - may... Continue Reading →

He Served his Friend

Download PDF: [S] He Served his Friend Hadrat Sayyiduna Sahl bin Ebrahim - may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:   I once stayed for a few days in the blessed company of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham - may... Continue Reading →

Hadrat Suraij bin Yunus

Download PDF: [S] Hadrat Suraij bin Yunus Hadrat Sayyiduna Suraij bin Yunus Al Baghdadi’s - may Allah be pleased with him - title was “Abul Haarith” and he originated from Merv. Since he settled in Baghdad, hence the reason of the... Continue Reading →

Hadrat Sufyan bin Uyainah

Download PDF: [S] Hadrat Sufyan bin Ayniyah Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Mohammed Sufyan bin Ayniyah bin Imraan Maymun Hilaali - may Allah be pleased with him - was born in Kufah. With regard to him the Ummah is unanimous on his piety,... Continue Reading →

He Spoke against the Sultan

Download PDF: [S] He Spoke against the Sultan Allama Alaawudeen was considered a famous scholar of his era. One of the unique qualities of this scholar is that he had spent his entire life in teaching.   Allama Alaawudeen was also... Continue Reading →

Helping his Jewish neighbour

Download PDF: [S] Helping his Jewish Neighbour It is reported that once Hadrat Sayyiduna Bayazid Bustami - may Allah be pleased with him - had a neighbour who was a Jew. This person then went on a journey and his wife... Continue Reading →

Qadi Hadrat Sa’ad bin Ebrahim

Download PDF: [S] Qadi Hadrat Sa'ad bin Ebrahim Hadrat Sayyiduna Sa’ad bin Ebrahim bin Abdur Rahman - may Allah be pleased with him - whose titles were “Abu Ishaq” or “Ebrahim.” He is also someone who met Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin... Continue Reading →

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