Download PDF: [S] The State of the True Heart

Hadrat Data Saheb – may Allah be pleased with him – in his world famous masterpiece, “Kashful Mahjub”, presents the advice of the eminent Saint from Balkh, namely Hadrat Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Fadl Balkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – who states that, “The one who recognizes Allah Almighty the most, is that person who is extremely severe in his followance of the Divine Laws and is (extremely punctual) in his followance of the Sunnah.”


He also explains that, “I am extremely surprised by that person who travels through various valleys, jungles and barren areas and then returns home. The Sunnah and the behaviour of the Prophets are (there to be seen) however, he does not travel through the valley of his nafs and carnal desires thereby seeing the true state of his heart? This is the place where he will find the true symbols of his Creator!”


The reason that the heart of a Muslim is considered as greater than the Ka’ba is because the Ka’ba is an exterior symbol of Ibadah or worship, while the heart is a place in which a person will find the Divine Manifestation of Allah Almighty.


Hadrat Hatim Asim – may Allah be pleased with him – whom Hadrat Data Saheb – may Allah be pleased with him – refers to as “Zubda Ibaad” and “Jamaalul Awtad” and who Hadrat Junaid Baghdadi – may Allah be pleased with him – considers as the “Siddique” of his age, explains that, “There are three types of carnal desires. The first is eating, the second is speech and the third is seeing.”


He has also explained that, “The desire of eating can be controlled by precaution. The desire of speaking and speech can be controlled by speaking only the truth and the desire of seeing can be controlled by looking at the various lessons in history.”