Download PDF: [S] To Remain a Sunni

If one wishes to succeed, he or she has to remain on the path of the Ahle Sunnah was Jamaah which has always been the path of the pious Muslims of the past. All those who oppose the Sunnis are separate from the path of salvation. All of their beliefs are based on their opposition to the truth. One should not listen to these people and one should refrain from their company. One should not listen to their lectures, their speeches or read any of their material.


Bear in mind that the Satan does not take long to create evil in the heart of a person. Everyone is aware that if there is any danger to one’s wealth or riches, a person would avoid that area or the company of those people. In like manner, avoid the company of those who will steal your Imaan. Bear in mind that your Imaan is your greatest asset. It is the only thing which will accompany you to the hereafter while all your wealth and riches would remain on this earth.


Five daily Salaah.


The performance of the five daily Salaah is something which is Fard upon you. The men are commanded to visit the Masjid and read the Salaah in congregation. When a person does not perform his Salaah he looks like a human outwardly but inwardly he is empty. There is no doubt that we miss our Salaah, we are showing clear ungratefulness to Allah Almighty and becoming guilty of committing a major sin. May Allah Almighty pardon us for this. Ameen.


In fact, such is the importance of Salaah that not even a master of a slave can restrict his slave from performing the Salaah. If someone prohibits his worker or slave from performing the Salaah then such occupation is considered as Haraam. Bear in mind that leaving aside Salaah and then earning a salary carries no Barakah. Also remember that the Divine Creator is the One Who gives every creation sustenance and He is the One Who has made Salaah Fard. Therefore, we should always strive to maintain that lifestyle where we are not stopped or prohibited from following the Divine Commands of Allah Almighty.




Whatever Salaah has been missed, we should try and calculate those Salaah. We should try to complete those Salaah in a proper manner. No one knows when death will come, therefore there is no better moment than right now. As long as the Fard is no complete, no Nafil is accepted. One should account for the Fard Salaah first.


In other words, calculate the number of Fajr you have missed and begin by saying that this is the first Fard of Fajr which I missed and continue in this fashion. While performing the Qada, there is no need to perform the Sunnah or Nafil. One should only perform the Fard and Waajib. This means when you make the Qada for ‘Isha, you should only read the Fard of ‘Isha and the Witr.


The Qada of Zakaah and Hajj


In like manner, whatever fast you have missed, before the appearance of the next Ramadaan try and fulfil those missed fasts.


As for those upon whom Zakaah is Fard, they should also make sure that they pay their Zakaah. One should calculate the number of times one has not given the Zakaah and make sure that one fulfils this. It is also considered a great sin to delay giving the Zakaah after the year has passed. In fact, one of the easiest ways of giving Zakaah is from the beginning of the year slowly. At the end of the year, one can calculate and if one feels that there is a small amount which is outstanding, he can pay this off. If there is an amount which one has paid extra than this can be carried to the next year.


As for that person who has the means of performing the Hajj, he should make sure that he performs the Hajj. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has also given a dire warning that, that person who does not perform the Hajj (in spite of having the means), then it is equal whether he dies as a Jew or a Christian. May Allah Almighty protect us from this. (Rehnuma Ahle Sunnah Hidaayah)