Download PDF: [S] He used to Kill Young Boys

It is mentioned that there was once a person in the Bani Israel who had no sons and no son was born to him. However, he had a very evil habit. He used to go into town and if he found any young man, he used to deceive him to come to his house and then murder the young man. He used to also hide the body in a secret chamber in the house. His wife also used to advise him not to do this, however, he never accepted her advice and used to say, “If Allah Almighty questions me, then it will only be on the day when everyone else is also questioned.”


His wife used to reply, “Allah Almighty will certainly not spare you. At the same time, you are alive and even though you may seem to escape from the eyes of people, but you will be caught very soon.”


One day, when he left his house to search for another young man. He found two brothers who were extremely good looking. He took them to his house and murdered them. He placed these bodies in the secret compartment.


However, the father of these boys began to search for his sons and when he could not find them, he approached the Prophet of that period to complain. The Prophet asked whether these boys had any toys with which they used to play with. The father replied that they used to have a small dog which they played with. The Prophet then ordered that this dog be brought to him.


The Prophet then placed his secret seal on the forehead of this dog and informed the father to follow this dog and the house which this dog entered, that is where he would find his sons.


The dog then began to search and finally entered the house of the murderer. Everyone else also entered this house. The dog also began to wag his tail inside this house and began to stamp its feet on the ground. The people began to dig in the same area where the dog was stamping its feet and they found the dead bodies of these young men.


The people then informed the Prophet of what they had seen and the guilty person was presented in front of the Prophet. He was ordered to be hanged and while he was been taken to the gallows, his wife approached him and said, “Did I not restrict you from doing this type of act and I had also informed you that Allah Almighty would certainly not spare you and now the final moment of your life in this world has arrived and there is no doubt that Allah Almighty is All Powerful.” (An Nawadir Al Qalyubi)