Download PDF: [S] The Reward of making Istighfaar

It is mentioned that there was a person who had made constant Ibadah for forty years. He once made Du’a to Allah Almighty to show him the gifts which were in store for him in Jannah through the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty.


Suddenly, the Mimbar split open in front of him and a most beautiful looking maiden from Jannah appeared. She was so beautiful that if such a person was revealed to ordinary people they would swoon and become infatuated with someone like this.


The worshipper asked the female who she was and she replied that she was sent by Allah Almighty to him. She also said, “Hundreds of maidens like me have been created for pious people like you. Each maiden has been given a hundred female servants and each female servants has been given another hundred female servants and each of these have been given another one hundred concubines each.”

When the worshipped heard this, he was extremely pleased and then asked her a question, “Will there be there others who will be given more than me in Jannah?”


The maiden from Jannah replied, “All of this will be given to any ordinary Muslim who recites the Istighfaar every morning and evening. As for those who are in a higher state in Jannah, their rewards cannot even be imagined.” (Roud Ar Riyaheen)