Alhamdulillah, Musjidul Haq Uitenhage offers the following services/facilities to a growing Muslim community:

  • Madressah
  • Five times daily Salah
  • Jumu’ah/Big Nights
  • Full Quran Taraweeh
  • Burial Service
  • Janazah Ghusl Khana
  • Nikah
  • Dawah & Muslim Reversion
  • Weekly Dhikr
  • Feeding etc.
Musjid Exterior
Musjid Interior
Burial Ghusl Khana

Musjidul Haq Research Department

The Research Department of MUSJIDUL HAQ is dedicated to provide the Muslim Ummah with Sound Islamic Education as it appears in the form of articles on website.

So far we have written, compiled, translated over two thousand articles/books on various Islamic subjects; such as,

  • Quran with Tafsir
  • Hadith with Explanation
  • Islamic Beliefs (Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah)
  • Islamic History
  • Islamic Fiqh
  • Islamic Stories
  • Contemporary blog addressing the need of our time and various other topics

in our sincere effort to educate and enlighten the Ummah with the true teachings of Islam and Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

At the time writing, the website has been viewed 235,246 times by people around the world and has helped the Ummah in their quest for Islamic Knowledge.  More than 200 people learn Islam on on a daily basis according to the latest statistics available to us and the number is growing alhamdulillah.

We humbly request you to support the cause in whichever form possible.

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Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

– 0% cash deposit fee. 100% of your contribution will be given to worthy recipients, no deduction of collectors or any fees whatsoever.

Account Number: 9309208554
Savings account
Branch Uitenhage
Branch code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
For Maddressah books, Musjid maintenance, electricity bills, publications, cleaning, wudhu towels, website, etc.


All donations will be acknowledged with an official receipt.

Please e-mail proof of payment to:

Imaam Liyaquat  Allie Tiry al-Qadri
Phone No. +2741 991 5786
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