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Dreams seen by the Pious

Download PDF: [S] Dreams seen by the Pious (Islamic story) There is no doubt that the dreams of good Muslims are certainly something which are considered as blessed. In the Hadith Shareef it is mentioned that nothing remains of Prophethood except... Continue Reading →

Abu Bakr buried next to the Holy Prophet

Download PDF: [S] Abu Bakr buried next to the Holy Prophet (Islamic Story) Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali - may Allah be pleased with him - narrates that, “When the time came for Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with... Continue Reading →

A Woman of Jannah

Download PDF: [S] A Woman of Jannah (Islamic Story) Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Waahid bin Zaid - may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:   For three nights in a row, I had pleaded to Allah Almighty to show me the... Continue Reading →

Food-Tray from Heaven – A Quranic Story

Download the PDF: food-tray-from-heaven-a-quranic-story The helpers of Hazrat Isa – peace be upon him – asked him if his Lord can reveal a tray of food from heaven.  He said to them, “If you are believers then refrain from asking... Continue Reading →

A Jurist with no formal Education

Download PDF: s-a-jurist-with-no-formal-education It is mentioned that once, someone took a turkey belonging to Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaybaan - may Allah be pleased with him - and placed it in front of a wild animal. The intention was for the wild... Continue Reading →

The Significance of Friday

Download PDF: The Significance of Friday The day of Jumu’ah is full of great blessings: Jumu’ah in the Holy Quran: The day of Jumu’ah is significantly mentioned in the Holy Quran which reveals its excellence: یٰۤاَیُّہَا الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡۤا اِذَا نُوۡدِیَ لِلصَّلٰوۃِ... Continue Reading →

Miracles of Huzoor Ghaus Paak

Download PDF: Karamats of Huzoor Ghaus Paak Every facet of the life of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) is indeed something which could only be described as a living miracle. It is mentioned that when he spoke, his voice had... Continue Reading →

Self Study

1st Year: Kanzul Imaan - The Translation of the Holy Quran 2nd Year: Al-Fiqh 'Ala Al-Madhaahib Al-Arba'ah (English) Vol. 1

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