Download PDF: [S] They Walked for Hajj

One year, Shaikh Ali bin Muwaffiq – may Allah be pleased with him – travelled for Hajj on his camel. At the same time, the other members of the caravan were walking. When the great Shaikh saw one of these people, he made him sit on his camel and began to walk with the others.


He then narrates, “I then separated myself and started to walk on another path away from the actual caravan. I fell asleep and even my companion who was on his camel also feel asleep. Suddenly, I saw pretty maidens who had containers of gold and silver in their hands which were full with water. They then began to wash the feet of all those people who were walking for Hajj. They completely ignored me. One of them asked another, ‘Is he also among the others.’ The other maiden replied, ‘No, he is someone who is travelling by camel.’ The first replied, “Yes, but in spite of this, he gave an opportunity to another person who was walking to ride on his camel, therefore, he is also among them.’ They washed my feet and all signs of fatigue and tiredness disappeared from me.”