Download PDF: [S] Young man who was thought to be Insane

A Saint by the name of Hadrat Abul Jawaal Maghribi – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that one day he was sitting with a pious person in the Baitul Muqaddas when suddenly a young man appeared as if from nowhere. Behind him young children were stoning him with rocks and stones. They were also saying that this person was insane.


When the young man came in the Masjid, he cried out, “O Allah please give me protection from this mortal world.”


Hadrat Abul Jawaal – may Allah be pleased with him – then approached the young man and said to him, “These are words of wisdom and intelligence. Where did you learn these words?”


The young man replied, “That person who makes Ibadah strictly for the sake of Allah, then Allah Almighty blesses him with wisdom and intelligence and he is helped with means of greatness. Do not become guilty of thinking that I am insane.”


He then recited a few couplets.

Abul Jawaal – may Allah be pleased with him – mentioned that the words of the poem were full of wisdom and indeed those who considered the young man to be mad were certainly incorrect in their assumption.


The young man then asked, “Do you know how the Ahle Tariqah are able to attain Wisaal?”


Abul Jawaal asked him to explain.


The young man replied, “They are people who have removed all the impurities which can be found in false ikhlaaq and are patient with a little sustenance. They also only concentrate on the Creator instead of the creation. They have chosen the next world which is everlasting for this world which will eventually be destroyed. They have then adopted steadfastness and travel in the mountains like ants and spend the rest of their days in barren fields and plains. They have become hidden from the creation. Their greatness is such that even if they are among people, no one recognizes them. If they become apparent, they search for no one. When they pass away, no one comes to their Janazah.”


Abul Jawaal – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that when he heard the words of the young man, he completely severed all connection with this world and young man then disappeared. (Roud Ar Riyaheen)