Download PDF: [S] The Flying Pot

Hadrat Sayyiduna Bakr bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


In the old days there was a King who was considered as a great tyrant. He seriously disobeyed Allah Almighty. The believers of that period decided to fight against this King and eventually he was defeated. The King was also captured alive. Now there arose a dispute on how this person should be killed. It was decided that the King be placed in a large brass pot, hung on a high spot and a large fire be lit under the pot so that this person would have a long and painful death.


They then did as they planned. The King began to call for help from all of his gods whom he worshipped and mentioned that he had worshipped them all of his life and that they should come to his help and aid. However, in spite of his calling and pleading, none of his false gods could help him.


When he saw that he was getting no help from these false gods, he looked at the heavens and began to say that there is no deity worship of worship but Allah. In other words, he began to sincerely seek the help of Allah Almighty.

It is mentioned that this pleading was accepted in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty because it was an act of sincerity.


Allah Almighty then commanded rain to fall and the fire was extinguished. Suddenly a strong wind appeared and it carried away the King while he was still inside the pot. He also continued to read the Kalimah as he was carried along. The pot then descended on people who were themselves disbelievers. When they saw the person inside the pot and heard what he was reading, they began to curse him. The King then revealed exactly what had happened to him and when they heard the amazing story, all of them became believers and began to read the Kalimah. (Uyunul Hikaayah)