Download PDF: [S] How he Treated his Father

Asma’i narrates from a Bedouin who states:


I once left my village to see for myself who the best of creatures was and who was the worst of creatures. I went from village to village. However, when I entered one village, I saw an old man who had a burden tied around his neck and there was also a rope around him and this was been pulled by a young man. He continued to pull this rope which was around this old man. At the same time, he was also whipping this old man as he went along.


I then said to the young man, “Do you not have any fear in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty for the manner in which you are treating this weak person? There is already a rope around him and there is also a heavy bucket around his neck. He is already stressed with this heavy load and in spite of this, you are still lashing him with a whip.”


The young man replied, “Yes, let me also inform you that this is my own father.”

I was shocked to hear this. I then asked him, “If this is your father, then I make Du’a that no calamity from Allah Almighty befalls you. Can any person behave in such a cruel manner with his father?”


The young man replied, “Remain silent, you have no idea that this is exactly the manner in which he treated his own father (as I am doing) and in like manner, his father also did the same with his father”.


When I heard and saw this incident, I replied, “There is no doubt that this old man is the most unlucky person I have ever seen.”


There is no doubt that a person who is kind and good to his parents are considered as the best and most noble of people. As for those who treat them badly, they are indeed unfortunate in both worlds.