Download PDF: [S] The Donkey has no Intelligence

It is reported that the famous Sultan Marwan bin Al Hakam had a son whose name was Mu’awiyah. It was also reported that the son was not much noted for his intelligence. In other words, he was considered as someone who a little “slow upstairs”.


One day, the same person was standing somewhere and waiting for his brother, Abdul Malik, to come when he noticed a donkey that was grinding flour and going around and around. He also noticed that there was a bell around the neck of the donkey. He then asked the owner of the donkey the reason for this bell and the owner replied, “I have a problem in that at certain times I fall off to sleep. At the same time, when I cannot hear the bell, I realise that the donkey has stopped working. When I notice this, I scream at the donkey and it continues its work.”


When the prince heard this, he asked, “What happens if the donkey stands at one position and shakes its head only?”


The owner of the donkey replied, “This can only happen at that time if the donkey has your brain and at this moment, my donkey has no intelligence.”