Download PDF: [S] He tried to Destroy the Sufis

It is mentioned that Ghulam Al Khalil became a great opponent of the Awliya and considered some of their teachings as being against Islam. He also instilled this dislike in the ruler of the day and with the result a warrant of arrest was issued against Hadrat Sayyiduna Nuri, Hadrat Sayyiduna Raqqaam and Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Hamza – may Allah be pleased with them. They were then captured and taken to the capital. Ghulam Al Khalil also mentioned that if these people were killed then the actual root of this movement would be destroyed. The reason was that he felt that these were the individuals who were the foundation of the Sufi movement.


The Khalifah then ordered that the three of them be beheaded. When the guards came, they tied the hands of the three of them and placed Hadrat Sayyiduna Raqqaam – may Allah be pleased with him – in front to be beheaded first. However, Hadrat Sayyiduna Nuri – may Allah be pleased with him – came forward and took the place of Hadrat Sayyiduna Raqqaam – may Allah be pleased with him.


Obviously people were extremely surprised by this behaviour and even the executioner asked, “O brave person, this sword is not something which attracts people towards it and people do not appear in front of it as you have appeared. At the same time, this is still not you time.”


The great Saint replied, “You are right that my time has not come. However, I displayed this behaviour in humility and self-sacrifice. There is no doubt that the most precious thing in this world is to live, and therefore it is my wish that these few seconds of life be also given to my companions as a gift. There is also no doubt that one breath in this world is more valuable than a thousand breaths in the Hereafter because this world is a place of action and the Hereafter is a place of reward and reward is achieved through serving people.”


When this message was presented to the Khalifah, he was shocked. He was also extremely surprised as well. He demanded that this issue be first studied before a final decision.


At that time, the Qadi was Abul Abbas bin Ali. This matter was then referred to his court. Abul Abbas bin Ali then took these three Saints to his house and questioned them about the various laws pertaining to Shari’ah and Haqeeqah. He found all their answers to be correct. He was also disturbed on what decision was made about these people. Hadrat Sayyiduna Nuri – may Allah be pleased with him – then mentioned to him, “O Qadi Saheb! You have asked all these questions but have not asked the important question. Without doubt, there are certain servants of Allah in that their eating, their drinking, their speaking and their resting is all with Allah Almighty.”


In other words, whatever action they take, they remain alive through witnessing His Divine Being and Action. At no time, is this hidden from their eyes. If this is hidden even for one second, there is tremendous upheaval.


The Qadi was surprised by their truth and by their words and wrote to the Khalifah, “If these people are heretics, then certainly there are no true believers on earth.”


When the Khalifah read this statement, he called them to his court and asked them whether they had any need. They replied, “We have only one need from you and that is that you should completely forget about us. Do not call us close to you and do not be oblivious of us. Both of these actions are the same and if you abandon us it is like you are refuting us.” (Kashful Mahjub 291)