Download PDF: [S] To Help in Secrecy

Ash’ab bin Jubair – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions the following incident which happened to him. He reveals:


One day, I was walking on a certain street when I met a stranger. He asked me, “Do you have any children?”


I then revealed to him how many children I had.


He said to me, “I have been instructed that as long as I am alive, I should look after and take care of you and your children.”


I asked the person who had given him these instructions.


He replied that he could not reveal this secret.


I told him that I would like to thank the person but he replied that he had been given specific instructions and that the person who was doing this favour had no need for my thanks.


Ash’ab bin Jubair then narrates that every day, he used to receive something to support himself and his family.


A few months later, a person whose name was Khalid bin Abdullah bin ‘Umar bin Uthman passed away and Ash’ab bin Jubair decided to attend the Janazah. At the Janazah he met the same person who had mentioned these words to him. When the person saw him, he remarked, “O Ash’ab, this is the person who had done this favour to you and through me, his help used to reach you.” (Nawaadir from At Taarikh)


This again proves the purity of intention of these early Muslims. Whatever they did, they did it strictly for the Divine Pleasure of Allah ALmighty. Whenever they helped someone, that person had no idea where the help was coming from. Sadly in today’s time, when people help others, they make sure that it comes on all the national and international media organs so that everyone knows who gave groceries and food.