Download PDF: [S] A Woman of Jannah (Islamic Story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Waahid bin Zaid – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


For three nights in a row, I had pleaded to Allah Almighty to show me the person who will be my companion in Jannah. Suddenly, I heard someone say to me, “O Abdul Waahid! Your companion in Jannah will be Maymunah Sawdaa’i.”


I then asked where does she live and I was told that she lives in Kufah among a certain tribe.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Waahid bin Zaid – may Allah be pleased with him – continues:


I decided to travel to Kufah to meet this female. When I asked the people about who this person was, they told to me that she was actually a person who was considered as insane and she tends to the goats. I then asked them that I wanted to meet this female and they advised me to travel towards the mountains.


When I reached that place, I noticed that she had stuck a stick on the ground and was busy in her Salaah. On the stick, there was also sign which read that these items (the goats) were not for sale. I also noticed that the goats and sheep were also grazing together with the wolves. The wolves were not harming the goats and the goats displayed no fear at all for the wolves.


When she noticed me, she shortened her Salaah and said, “O ibn Zaid! Please return, this is not the place which has been promised to us to meet. That will be in Jannah.”


I then asked her, “May Allah have Mercy on you, who informed you that I was Ibn Zaid?”


She replied, “Are you not aware that the souls were once joined together and became familiar with each other. They also love one another and those who do not recognize one another, they are separate.”


I asked her to give me advice. She replied, “It is very strange that a person who himself gives good advice should be given good advice. However, O ibn Zaid, if every limb in your body practises justice and equality, then I will reveal a secret to you. O ibn Zaid! I have come to know that when a person is given something in the world and yet, he again asks for the same thing again, then Allah Almighty removes the secret of love within that person for His Divine Being. In place of nearness, he is distanced. In place of peace and tranquility, he is given fear and apprehension.”


She then recited a few lines of advice. I then her since when are the wolves eating in peace with the goats and sheep and she replied that this is when she had made peace with the Divine Creator and was completely satisfied with whatever was destined for her. (Ar Roud Al Faa’iq)