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  • Every facet of the life of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) is indeed something which could only be described as a living miracle. It is mentioned that when he spoke, his voice had this amazing effect of making his audience spell bound. He spoke with absolute authority and whenever he spoke or commanded something, people were ever ready to obey his command without hesitation. At the same time it is mentioned that sometimes even more than seventy thousand people used to attend his lectures and everyone heard this speech whether they were sitting near or far. This was a living miracle of the great Saint.
  • (Bahjatul Asraar, Qalaaidul Jawaahir, Tafreehul Khaatir).


  • His spiritual vision had such an amazing effect that people who met him suddenly became his ardent admirers and followers. He has also declared that, “You are (all) in front of me like a glass bottle. Your inner and outer self is clearly seen by me.”
  • (Safinatul Awliya).


  • This same amazing spiritual vision once fell on a thief. Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) asked him who he was, and trying to hide his identity he replied that he was a mere villager. When Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) heard this and immediately perceived the person was speaking a lie, he declared, “I am Abdul Qadir!”. When he heard this voice of authority that displayed such spiritual command, this person immediately fell at the feet of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) and declared, “Ya Sayyidi Abdul Qadir! shay an lillah”. The great saint felt sorry for him and directed this person towards the Divine Court of the Almighty (azza wa jall). Suddenly a voice from the unseen was heard declaring, “O Ghousul Azam! show him the path of guidance and while guiding him, transform him into a Qutub. The spiritual vision of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) immediately transformed this one time thief into an instant Qutub”.
  • (Tafreehul Khaatir).


  • Nothing impure or unclean used to be visibly seen emanating from his blessed body and neither was any fly ever seen sitting on his body. This was recorded by Imam Abdul Wahab She’rani (rehmatullah alaihi). This is also that great saint and scholar of Islam whom an Ahle Hadith scholar namely Molwi Ebrahim Meer Silyakoti wrote about, “I have great belief in him. I have gained many benefits from his books and from his explanation of many issues pertaining to spirituality and other issues. His masjid is in Egypt and I had the opportunity of reading Maghrib salah there. I also had the opportunity of visiting his grave and performed faatiha there.”
  • (Haashiyah – Taarikha Ahle Hadith pages 110-115).


  • Other eminent scholars have also explained the same attributes such as Mulla Ali Qari, Imam Yusuf Nabhaani, Shaikh Shareef Husain Mooseli (rehmatullah alaihim).
  • (Tabqaat-e-Kubra etc).
  • His perspiration was sweet scented.
  • (Qalaaidul Jawaahir, Tafreehul Khaatir).


  • Shaikh Ali bin Hayti (rehmatullah alaihi) was once escorted into the court of Hadrat Ghous Paak by his Murshid or Spiritual Master. The great saint then handed his Jubba or cloak to the young man and remarked, “O Ali! You have worn the cloak of peace.” Shaikh Ali Hayti (rehmatullah alaihi) further explains that, “Many years have gone by and I have never suffered from any illness.”
  • (Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Once he gave a person a topi or hat and when this person wore this hat, the realm of the Angels became apparent to him and he could also hear the Tasbeeh and Tahleel of these angels. There used to be sometimes a ray of light which used to emanate from his blessed body and upon whoever this ray of light fell, that person could suddenly see the condition of the people within their graves and the condition of the angels.
  • (Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • It is said that Hadrat Shaikh Shaabudeen Suhrwardi (rehmatullah alaihi) during his younger days was very fond of Ilmul Kalam (science of principles of belief system based on philosophy). He had also memorized many books on this subject. His uncle used to prohibit him from doing this, but it had no effect. One day, his uncle took him to the court of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) and the great saint by merely passing his hands over the chest of the young scholar, removed this branch of knowledge and filled his chest with inspirational or Ilm-e-Ladduni or inspired knowledge. He also mentioned to him that he would be the last famous person of Iraq.
  • (Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • When he used to point with his finger, it used to brighten up like the moon. It was this brightness which one night enabled Hadrat Shaikh Ahmed Rifaa’i and Hadrat Adi bin Musaafir (rehmatullah alaihim) to visit the Qabr shareef of Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (radi Allahu anhu).
  • (Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • There is no doubt that his being is a special creation of Allah (azza wa jall). He is reported to have said, “No wealth stays in my hand, if in the morning I have a thousand dinaars, then I am commanded that by the evening all of it must be distributed and spent among the poor and needy”. No person used to leave empty handed from his court.


  • One day he saw a person who looked extremely worried and troubled and asked him the reason. He replied, “I wanted to cross the river Dajlah but I am penniless and the person who crosses people over would not do this without payment”. At the same time, someone presented him a gift of thirty dinaars. He then handed this to the poor person and informed him, “Give this twenty dinaars to the person who owns the boat and you can keep the other ten dinaars and you should also inform the person who owns the boat not to charge any poor person in future.”


  • One day, he gave someone his kameez, which is the upper part of one’s clothing and then re-purchased it from that person for twenty dinaars. Every day, he used to prepare bread and distribute it among the poor and needy. If there was anything remaining, his servant used to go out in the streets after Maghrib and loudly inquire whether there was anyone needy of bread. Those who wished to stay for the night, he used to make preparations for them as well.


  • Many gifts used to arrive at his blessed court, but he never touched any of them. The person giving the gift used to place it near the great saint with his own hands. He used to then distribute it among the needy and used to give the balance to those who supplied the bread and vegetables.
  • Everyday when the food was laid out on the floor, he used to also sit and eat with the guests. Most times, he used to sit in the company of the poor and destitute. Most of the people that sat at his blessed table were seekers of knowledge.


  • During his days of severe spiritual penitence, he never drank or consumed anything. One day, in this state of extreme hunger, he went to the ruins that were once the palace of Khusroe but saw that there were seventy other poor people also looking for food and who were also people seeking spiritual enlightenment. When he returned, he met a person who had brought some money from his mother. He then distributed this among the seventy needy people and whatever was left, he purchased some food and then called the other needy and poor people and sat with them and ate.


  • He used to instruct his blessed sons to serve the students and not only this, they used to also take lanterns for the students and used to feed these student themselves.


  • Once during his travel, he stopped at a place called “Hillah”. Many of his servants also accompanied him on this journey. He then asked his servants to find out which was the house of the poorest person in that area. They soon realized that this house belonged to an elderly couple and their one daughter. He asked them, “Can I stay here (tonight)?” They replied that he could stay with them, even though the Mashaaikh and rich people of that area wanted him to stay with them that night. All of them also brought many gifts and presented it to him as a mark of respect, yet, in his usual kindness, he gave all of these gifts to the elderly couple!


  • Hadrat Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlwi (rehamatullah alaihi) explains that, “There is no saint comparable to him in miracles. In fact, some saints have even admitted that his miracles are like a chain of pearls where if the string breaks, one pearl after another would fall.”
  • (Ashi atul lamaat).


  • His mannerism and his outlook was extremely pure and clean. He used to wear the best clothing of the day but which was not against Shariah in any way. His clothes used to bear the mark of someone highly learned and educated in Islam.


  • A famous cloth trader named Shaikh Abu Fadl Ahmed bin Qasim Qarashi narrates that, “Once the servant of the great saint approached me and asked to purchase such clothing which one length was one Ashrafi in price. I asked him for whom he wished to purchase such expensive clothing and he replied that it was for Shaikh Abdul Qadir. I immediately thought that if this is the clothing which was to be worn by Faqeers or pious people, what clothing would the King wear?. As soon as I thought this, a nail pierced my foot so badly that I thought I was near death. I tried unsuccessfully to remove this nail. I was then presented in his court after a while. He then said to me, “O Abul Fadl! Your immediate thought was one of objection and yet, you did not think that, It is my Lord who has instructed me to wear such clothing.”

(Akhbaarul Akhyaar).


  • One day, while the great Saint was lecturing, Shaikh Ali bin Hayti (rahmatullah alaihi) who was also in the gathering dozed off for a few seconds. The great Saint immediately stopped his lecture and stood in front of Shaikh Ali Hayti (rehmatullah alaihi) with utmost respect. When he awoke, Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) asked him, “Did you not see the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) in your dream? He replied that yes, he had, Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) then declared, “That is the reason why I stood in front of you with utmost respect.” Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) then asked him what advice the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) had given him and he replied that the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) had advised him to remain in the company of Hadrat Ghous (radi Allahu anhu).”

Later on, when people questioned Shaikh Ali bin Hayti (rehmatullah alahi) about this, he replied, “I saw the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) in a dream, while Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) saw the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) while being awoke.”

(Madaarijun Nubuwah, Nafa’aatul Uns).


  • Once Hadrat Shaikh abu Mohammed Saleh (rahmatullah alaihi) sent his mureed (spiritual disciple), Shaikh Abu Madyan Maghribi (rehmatullah alaihi) to Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) to seek knowledge. He then made Shaikh abu Madyan (rehmatullah alaihi) to sit at the door of his room and after twenty days, he asked him, “Look towards the West.” When the young Shaikh looked towards the West, he could clearly see the Holy Kaba. He then told him to look in another direction and when he looked, he could also see his Murshid (or spiritual master who was many miles away from there).”

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Imam Fakhrudeen Razi (rehmatullah alaihi) in his masterpiece Tafseer Kabeer, second volume presents a hadith shareef which explains that, “The saints do not die, rather in fact, they move from one house to another.”


  • Once people heard screams coming from a grave which was in one of the nearby areas of Baghdad shareef. This news was conveyed to the great Saint. He asked, “Has this person gained khirqah or spiritual permission from me or has he ever presented himself in my gathering or has he ever performed salah behind me?” The people admitted that they did not know. He then declared, “A person who breaks the boundary and a forgetful person is also at a loss.” He then went into Muraaqabah or spiritual meditation and after raising his head, his face was full of wrath and anger. He then declared, “The Angels revealed to me that this person had once seen me and he had good thoughts about me, therefore, the Almighty (azza wa jall) has forgiven him.” Thereafter, no screams were heard from that grave.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • One day, he was writing something when sand fell from the ceiling on three occasions. When he looked above, he saw a mouse, in extreme anger he declared, “May your head disappear!”. The head of the mouse immediately separated from the body.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir, Taufah Qaderiyah).


  • Shaikh Umar bin Masud Bazzaaz (rehamtullah alaihi) narrates that one day the great Saint was performing Wudu when the dropping of a bird fell on him. He only looked at this bird in anger and said nothing. Suddenly the bird fell on the ground dead. When he had completed his Wudu, he had his clothes washed and sold and then gave the entire money in charity and then declared, “This is repayment (or penitence) for that.”

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir, Taufah Qaderiyah).


  • One day, the ruler of the day approached him and said, “I wish to see a miracle from your hands so that my heart becomes satisfied.” The great saint replied, “Whatever you wish to see, you may ask.” Because it was not the season for apples, the ruler requested that an apple be presented. The great Saint then stretched out his hands and two apples appeared on his palms. He then gave one to the ruler and kept one for himself. When the great Saint split his apple in two, it was pure white inside and had a sweet fragrance. However, from the apple of the ruler, there appeared worms. He then remarked, “Since the apple touched the hands of an oppressive person, therefore, worms were born from this apple.”

(Bahjatul Asraar, Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • It is reported that once, a few children from the neighbourhood forced Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) to play with them while he was still a child himself. He said to them, “We both will play a game, I will read La ilaaha illah laahu and you read Mohammadur Rasoolullah”. It is reported that the entire neighbourhood was filled with the sound of children singing in this manner. In this way, in his kindness, he satisfied the children and at the same time, spread the word of Islam.


  • It is reported that the camel of Abu Hafz Umar bin Saleh Baghdadi became lame and could not travel. The great Saint placed his blessed hand on the forehead of this animal. It is reported that thereafter, this same camel travelled all the way to the Ka’bah faster than any other camel in the caravan.

(Nuzhatul Khaatir).


  • It is reported that the pigeon of Abul Hasan Ali Azji did not lay eggs for six months and his dove also remained silent for nine months. When the great Saint saw this, he declared, “Be of advantage to your owner”. Immediately the dove began to read the Tasbeeh and the pigeon continued to lay eggs its entire life.”

(Bahjatul Asraar).


  • There was once two date trees which had dried up and remained like this for four years. The great Saint is reported to have performed Wudu under these trees and then performed two Rakah of salah. Within a week, the trees became green and they were also full of dates”. (Safinatul Awliya).


  • Once during a severe drought, he gave his cook Abul Abbas Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Qarashi a handful of wheat and also instructed him to place this in a container which had two openings. At the same time, he told them to continue taking wheat from this container but never to look inside. They continued to eat from this container for another five years. One day, his wife happened to look inside this container to see how much was left and suddenly within seven days, this wheat was finished. When he heard this, the great Saint declared, “If they had not seen inside, they could have continued eating from this container until they passed away and it would have never finished.”

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • It is reported that through the great Saint, the blind could see again and even the leper was cured. He used to also bring the dead alive.

(Nafahaatul Uns).


  • Shaikh Khidir Al Husaini Al Mooseli (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that:

“On many occasion, such people used to be brought in his blessed court who were people that seemed to have no cure for their ailment. However, the great Saint used to make Dua and pass his blessed hands over their body and they instantly got well.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir, Nahjatul Asraar).


  • Once a close friend of the Khalifah approached him because his stomach had become swollen due to some ailment. When the great Saint passed his hands over this person, it was as if he had never suffered from this ailment.

(Bahjatul Asraar).


  • It is said that the son Shaikh Abul Mu’aali Ahmed Baghdadi once suffered from severe fever for nearly half a year. He went to many people to acquire a cure, but all of these efforts failed. When they approached the great Saint, he advised them, “Go and whisper in his ear that it is the command of Abdul Qadir that you should leave and go to the village of Hallah.” When they did as they were told, the fever immediately disappeared.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


In today’s modern age, all types of materials are used to treat and fix patients including even plastic. However, the miracle of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) is that he could make a person come alive who had died many years ago! In the factories of the modern age, simple items are manufactured, yet, in the court and manufacturing house of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu), Qutubs and great saints are made. Through him, people are able to become connected to the Almighty (azza wa jall) and His beloved Habeeb (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam).


  • Once, the son of a famous trader in Baghdad shareef, named Abu Ghalib who was paralysed, was commanded by the great Saint to stand up. He immediately stood up and began to walk.

(Nafahaatul Uns).


  • Once a few Shias approached him with the purpose of testing him and they also brought two sealed bags with them. They asked him what was inside the bags. He placed his blessed hand on one of them and declared that inside this bag there was a paralysed boy. He then instructed his son, Sayyiduna Abdur Razak (rehmatullah alaihi) to open this bag and when they did, a paralysed boy appeared from it. He then instructed this boy to walk with the Divine Power of Allah (azza wa jall) after passing his blessed hand over the boy. This boy suddenly began to walk in front of everyone. After this, he gave command and from the other bag, a fit young person appeared. When they saw this miracle, these Shias repented and sought forgiveness from him.

(Jamia Karamate Awliya, Nafahaatul Uns and Bahjatul Asraar).


  • Once, the river Dajlah was overtaken by severe flood and with great concern people approached his blessed court. He then took his stick or Asa and walked towards the river. As he arrived at the river bank, he placed his stick into the ground and declared, “Do not pass beyond this”. As soon as he declared these words, the river began to subside and only stopped where he had placed his stick.

(Bahjatul Asraar).


  • Hadrat Sahl bin Abdullah Tustari (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that once, the great Saint disappeared and no one could find him. When they made further inquiry, they found that he had gone towards the Dajlah river. When the people arrived there, they found a strange sight. The great saint was walking on the water and the fish were jumping up and kissing his blessed hands and also greeting him. This continued until the time of Asr. Suddenly a musallah studded with gold and silver appeared which seemed like the throne of Nabi Sulayman (alaihis salaam).

This musallah was then placed on the river and on it were engraved two lines which read: “There is no fear on the friends of Allah (azza wa jall) and no sadness. Greeting upon you, the Ahle Bait, without doubt, He (Allah azza wa jall) is All Praised, All Powerful.”

At the same time, many people appeared from nowhere and stood on both sides of the musallah. Their faces glowed with awe and brilliance and they stood silent as if they could not speak or did not have the power to speak (due to the immense respect they displayed for Hadrat Ghous Paak radi Allahu anhu). Their eyes also overflowed with tears and while standing on this musallah, Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) performed the salah.

(Tafreehul Khaatir).

These were those special servants of Allah (azza wa jall) who are known as Rijaalul Ghaib or the people of the Unseen.


  • Another famous miracle is that one day, the great Saint was passing by a neighbourhood when a Christian was debating with a Muslim and was saying that Nabi Esa (alaihis salaam) was greater than the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) because even the Quran of the Muslims admit that Nabi Esa (alaihis salaam) used to make the dead come alive. He then declared to this Christian, “I am not a Prophet but a mere follower of the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) and if I can make the dead come alive, what then?” The Christian replied that he would become Muslim. They then went to the nearest graveyard and the great Saint advised the Christian, “Place your hand on whichever grave you wish, I will make that person come alive.” The Christian pointed to a very old grave. The great Saint declared, “This person used to speak and if you wish, I will make him arise (from his grave) while he is singing”. The Christian replied that if this happened, it would indeed be a great thing.

The great Saint then asked the Christian, “When your Prophet used to make people come alive, what did he say?” The Christian replied, “He used say, “Arise, with the Divine Permission of Allah”. The great saint then pointed at the same old grave and declared, “Arise! with my permission”. Suddenly, the grave opened and this person came out of the grave singing. This same person then asked the great Saint, “Has the day of Judgement arrived?” The great Saint replied. “No! however, this is my miracle.” When the Christian saw this, he immediately became a Muslim.

(Tafreehul Khaatir, As raarut taalibeen).


  • Once, numerous people gave the great Saint an invitation to join them for Iftaar. Surprisingly, he accepted the invitation of everyone. The amazing thing is that, he was present in every invitation on that day! Even more surprising was that he was also present in his own court having Iftaar with his disciples and servants! This news began to spread among the people and people also began to discuss this with great surprise, he declared, “Yes, I accepted the invitation of everyone and was present in every house and also partook in the food of each house, without doubt, those people are speaking the truth (who say that I was in every invitation).


  • It is said that once an Abdaal passed away in Syria and in one second he arrived in Syria from Baghdad shareef. The great Saint performed the Janaza salah of this Abdaal and then instructed Hadrat Khidr (alaihis salaam) to bring a certain disbeliever from Constantinople. When this person appeared in front of the great Saint, he made the person accept Islam, trimmed his moustache and with one single spiritual vision, transformed this person into an Abdaal. In front of all the Awliya who were present, he instructed that this person be kept as a replacement for the Abdaal who had passed away in that area.

(Safinatul Awliya- abrdiged Sharah Musal limuth Thuboot).


Can the Awliya appear in different places at one single time?

There are many eminent Ulama of the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah who have at length discussed this issue in their various manuscripts. Imam Jalaaludeen Suyutwi Ash Shafi (rehmatullah alaihi) has also presented an explanation about this. Bear in mind that this is that eminent saint who Imam Abdul Wahab She’rani Ash Shafi (rehmatullah alaihi) admits, actually saw the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) seventy times while awoke (Mizaanul Kubra). Even those who are not from the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah, hold this saint in very great esteem.

Such luminaries of the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah as Imam Taajudeen Subki and such magnificent masterpieces such as Al Ibreez shareef, Roudul Riyaaheen, Maktubaat Imam Rabbani, Anfaasul Arifeen and Nafa’atul Uns have also endorsed this great saint. He has mentioned among other things that, the great saints are not confined to space and time and can through their spiritual powers given to them by the Almighty (azza wa jall) travel to many places and be at many places at one given time or moment.


  • Imam Abul Hasan Ali (rehmatullah alaihi) narrates that once a huge gathering of people decided to congregate in the court of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allah anhu) and they met him on the road. People also began to question him and others also began to request him for certain things they needed. In this group, there was also a young man who had no thought for any personal hygiene. Everyone wanted to kiss his hand and the great Saint held out his hand. However, when this young man presented himself, the great Saint withdrew his hand. He then gave a stern look at this young man who immediately fell unconscious. When he regained consciousness, it was as if his world had changed. A beard suddenly appeared on his face and seeking pardon from the great Saint, he transformed himself into a very pious young man.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Further proving the great spiritual vision and presence of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu), Shaikh Abul Muzaffar Ismail bin Ali (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that, “Once the great Saint came to my orchard. He then made Wudu and performed salah. Suddenly, all the dry trees became green and fresh and fruits also appeared on the trees even though it was not the season for dates. He then consumed a few dates and made dua for me which was, “May Allah (azza wa jall) give you Barakah in your land, in your wealth, in your crops and in your animals” The Shaikh then admits that after this incident, the income from my orchard doubled. If I spend one single dirham, I used to gain many dirhams in return. If I placed a hundred bags of grain at one place and then gave fifty bags in the Path of Allah (as charity) and even used it in the house, however, whenever I looked, there were still a hundred bags present all the time. I also became the owner of so many animals that I lost count of them.”

(Bahjatul Asraar).


  • Shah Abul Mu’ali (rehmatullah alaihi) explains (it is interesting to note that this in one of those eminent saints about whom it is said that when his mureeds used to visit Madina shareef and they used to present his salam to the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam), the Holy Prophet (salal laahu alaihi wa sallam) used to also convey his salaam to Shah Abul Mu’ali (rehmatullah alaihi) through his mureed) that, “There was once a person who presented himself to the great Saint and this person had no children and requested the great Saint that he wished to have a son.”

The great Saint replied, “I have made Dua for you in the Court of the Almighty (azza wa jall) to give you a son.” However, when the time came, a daughter was born. This person then brought the new-born girl into the court of the great Saint and said, “Hadrat! You had given me the glad tidings of a boy, but this is a girl.” He then advised this person to wrap this baby up and the go home and wait to see the Greatness of the Almighty (azza wa jall). When this person arrived at his house, he was surprised to see that he was holding a baby boy.

(Taufah Qaderiyah).


  • It is reported that once the spiritual state of a certain saint was taken away. Even though nearly three hundred other saints made Dua for him, his name still appeared in the Lahw Mahfuz as those who were disgraced. People also began to look at him with scorn and disdain. His face also became dark and at the end, he was forced to present himself in the blessed court of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu). The great Saint replied, “Even though you have become cursed in the Divine Court of Almighty (azza wa jall), yet, I have been given permission in the Divine Court of the Almighty (azza wa jall) to turn a cursed person into a beloved person.

The great Saint then made Dua, “O Allah! You have the Power to make a cursed person into a special and accepted person and a special and accepted person into a cursed person”. The great Saint heard the reply thereafter, “O Abdul Qadir! You are unaware that three hundred Awliya have made Dua for this person, but I have not accepted their intercession”. The great Saint then stated, “O Allah! If this is Your Divine Decree that this person remains a cursed person, why then (did) You give me the strength to make Dua in Your Court for him to become a beloved and special person?”

The reply came, “O Abdul Qadir! I have left this issue with you. Whatever you wish to make of him, you may do so. A beloved of yours, is My beloved as well and a person turned away by you, in My Court, he is also cursed. I have given you the permission and choice to make (a person) either beloved or a cursed person. Thereafter, the great Saint commanded this person to wash his face and immediately, the Almighty (azza wa jall) had this person’s name removed from the list of those cursed and included his name among those who were blessed.

(Tafreehul Khaatir).


  • A lady once presented herself in his blessed court and requested him to make Dua for her to have a child. When the great Saint went into Muraaqibah he noticed that there was no children in this lady’s destiny on the Lahw Mahfuz. He then made Dua to Allah (azza wa jall) to bless this woman with two sons. A voice was heard saying, “But there is no children in this lady’s destiny and yet you are making Dua for two sons.” The great Saint then made Dua for three sons. The same reply came. He then made Dua for four sons, then five sons until seven. The reply finally came. “O Abdul Qadir! this is enough.” Consequentially, this same lady had seven sons.


  • Shaikh Abdullah Mohammed bin Abul Ghanaa’im Al Husaini (rehmatullah alaihi) reports that once in the month of Muharram in the year 559 a.h. nearly a hundred people were present in the musaafir khana to visit him. The great Saint then came hurriedly from his residence and shouted out aloud four or five times, “Run and come towards me.” Everyone ran towards the great Saint. As soon as everyone did this, the roof of the musaafir khana collapsed and everyone was safe. In the hadith shareef it is mentioned that:

اِتَّقُوْا فِرَسَۃَ الْمُؤْمِنِ فَاِنَّہٗ یَنْظُرُ بِنُوْرِ اللّٰہِ

“Fear the vision of the true believer because he sees with the Nur of Allah (azza wa jall)”

(Tirmidi shareef).

This incident clearly proves the spiritual vision of the great Saint and it is a physical testimony of this hadith shareef.


  • Qadi Abu Bakr bin Qadi Muwafi qudeen (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that the greatness of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) was that he was a beloved and special creation in the Divine Court of the Almighty (azza wa jall). All the knowledge and secrets of the unseen were clearly revealed to him.


  • Mulla Ali Qari (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that, “When the pure souls free themselves from the confines of their physical body and entity, they continue to advance (spiritually), until they reach the Divine Court of the Almighty (azza wa jall). Thereafter, all restrictions and veils are removed and these special servants of Allah (azza wa jall) see everything like it is in front of them.”


  • The great Saint himself has declared that:

نَظَرْتُ اِلٰی بِلَادِ اللّٰہِ جَمْعًا

کَخَرْدَلَۃٍ بَیْنَ حُکْمِ اتِّصَالِیْ

I see the cities (or creation) of Allah like a (person) sees a (small) seed.

This is mentioned in his world famous Qasidah Ghousiyah.


  • Imam Abdul Wahab She’rani (rehmatullah alaihi) has presented the statement of Hadrat Shaikh Ali Al Khawwaas (rehmatullah alaihi) who admits that, “With us, the complete person is he who is fully aware of every condition of his mureed from the time of Misaaq until the time when he enters either Jannah or Hell”.

(Kibri yaat Ahmar – commentary Al Yawaa qeet wal Jawaahir).


  • Some saints have admitted that the entire earth is like a table in front of the Awliya. Another saint has admitted that no, it is in fact like our finger nail.

(Nafa’atul Uns).


  • Shah Wali ullah (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that, “The Awliya become aware of what is in the hearts of people and what is to happen in the future”.

(Shifa ul aleel a translation of Al Qolul Jameel).


  • Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (rehmatullah alaihi) explains that, “The fact that the Awliya are aware of what is written on the Lahw Mahfuz has been reported authentically by certain Awliya.”

(Tafseer Azeezi).


We will highlight a few of these amazing incidents from the following incidents:


  • He one day informed Khidr Al Husaini that, “You will move to Mosul and you will have children there. The first will be a boy whose name will be Mohammed. This boy will become a Haafizul Quran at the hands of a blind person in Baghdad whose name is Ali and this son of yours would become a Haafiz in six months. You will live until ninety four years six months and seven days and would pass away in the town of Irbil. Until the time of your death, physically you would still be healthy and your eyesight will also be good.” The son of Khidr Al Husaini further relates that as the great Saint mentioned about my father, exactly the same transpired in his life and exact same things happened.

(Bahjatul Asraar, Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • It is reported that once the great Saint became extremely ill. His son, Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Wahab (rehmatullah alaihi) narrates that all of them sat around him weeping. Looking at them, the great Saint replied, “This is not the time that I will pass away. There is still one more son named Yayha who is still to be born from my lineage and he will most certainly be born”. This is exactly what happened.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Once a person was walking past his gathering and he suddenly had this thought of listening to what this non-Arab was saying. When this person entered the gathering of the great Saint, he immediately moved away from the topic he was discussing and remarked to everyone, “O that person who is blind in vision and in his heart, what will you do after listening to the words of this non-Arab”. When this person heard this, he could not control himself. He immediately apologised and sought spiritual permission from the great Saint which the great Saint bestowed upon him. The great Saint also declared to him, “If the Almighty (azza wa jall) had not informed me of your safety in the hereafter, you would have destroyed yourself through your transgression and sin.”

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Abdullah Ziyaal reports that, “I was standing within the walls of the Madressah, when the great Saint arrived walking with his walking stick. I thought how nice it would be if I could see some miracle from this walking stick. The great Saint then looked at me and smiled and then poked his walking stick into the ground. The stick immediately began to glow like a brilliant light and continued like this for a long time. The light even travelled towards the heavens until the entire environment became bright. He then removed the walking stick from the ground and declared, ‘O Ziyaal! This is what you wanted, is it not?’”

(Bahjatul Asraar, Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • There was once a person who used to serve the great Saint and who was called Mohammed Tauweel even though in height, he was very short. He then asked the great Saint about this unusual name which the great name had given me because Tauweel meant lengthy or tall and he was extremely short. The great Saint replied, “The reason is that your age would be extremely lengthy and you would travel great lengths in your travels.” This is exactly what happened, this same person lived until the age of one hundred and thirty five and travelled very extensively during his life time.

(Bahjatul Asraar).


  • Shaikh Mohammed bin Al Khidr (rehmatullah alaihi) reveals that once while in the blessed company of the great Saint, I had this wish to see Shaikh Ahmed Rifaa’i (rehmatullah alaihi). Immediately the great Saint looked at me and said, “Look and see him.” I then looked at the great Saints sleeve and saw Shaikh Ahmed Rifaa’i (rehmatullah alaihi) with my own eyes. Shaikh Ahmed Rifaa’i (rehmatullah alaihi) then declared to me, “O Mohammed bin Khidr! when you are seeing Hadrat Ghous Paak, what is the need or wish to see me?” One day, I also happened to meet Shaikh Ahmed Rifaa’i (rehmatullah alaihi) and when he met me, he declared, “Was the first sighting or ziyaarah of me not sufficient?”


  • Shaikh Abu Mohammed Al Jouni (rehamtullah alaihi) narrates that one day, his entire family including himself remained hungry for a few days because they had no food to eat. When I visited the great Saint, on seeing me, he immediately declared, “O Jouni! hunger is a blessing from among the Blessings of Allah (azza wa jall) which He has allotted to only his special servants.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Once a person named Abu Bakr Al Qaymi narrates that, “I once travelled to Mecca with a person who became very ill and was close to death. At that moment (just before he could pass away), he gave a me a shroud and ten dinaars and told me to present this in the blessed court of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) and also ask the great Saint to remember him in his Duas. However, when I arrived in Baghdad shareef, greed got the better of me and I decided to keep these things with me. One day, I met the great Saint on the road and he grasped my hand quite forcefully and declared, “You did not even fear the Almighty (azza wa jall) for a mere ten dinaars and you have captured the belongings of that poor non-Arab?” When I heard this, I fell unconscious and when I regained consciousness, I immediately returned those items to the great Saint”.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Once a person performed salah behind him without a valid Wudu. After completing the salah, the great Saint turned around and declared, “You people forget to such a degree that you even perform salah without Wudu!” He continued to be surprised by this act of forgetfulness. The person reveals that he was shocked by this statement of the great Saint in that he revealed the inner secret of this person which was not known to anyone present.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • Once a person desired to eat dates, the great Saint sensing this, immediately removed five dates from a cupboard and handed it over to the person who had this thought in his mind.

(Qalaaihul Jawaahir).


  • Shaikh Ali bin Hayti (rehamtullah alaihi) (is such a special saint that if his name is mentioned when a lion is about to attack a person, that lion would immediately turn away and retreat) is reported to have taken hold of the blessed feet of the great Saint and placed it over his head. This occurred at that time when the great Saint mentioned to everyone that his blessed foot is on the neck of all the Awliya. He was considered as among the special and close mureeds of the great Saint and was also an eminent Khalifah of the great Saint.

(Safeenatul Awliya).


  • This same saint. whenever he wished to attend the court of Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) with his mureeds, used to instruct everyone to make fresh ghusal. He used to also advise them to travel to the court of the great Saint with utmost respect and decorum. He used to also advise them that, “Bear in mind that we are going to that court whose servitude, other great saints consider as a mark of respect and gratitude. Even those who disrespect his children, they have been shunned and discarded. In fact, their very existence and name have become extinct”.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).


  • There was once a person named ibn Yunus who was an advisor of the governor Naasirudeen and who had shown disrespect for his children. Eventually this person was exiled by the governor and his entire family was destroyed. He also died in a most tragic manner.

(Qalaaidul Jawaahir).