Download PDF: Not too old to perform her Ibadah

It is reported that there was once a person who was neighbour of a very old and feeble lady. Even though this old lady was in this state, she was also busy in Mujaahidah and Ibadah.


One day, this person felt sorrow for her and told her, “You should not put yourself in such great difficulty and your body should also be able to rest.”


The old lady replied, “If I give my body some rest, then I will distance myself from the Divine Court of Allah Almighty. As for that person who has busied himself with the world, they have placed themselves in great difficulty. Even if I am able to perform such Ibadah and striving in His Divine Path, what really is the status if my Ibadah? If I am lazy, what will remain behind? Sadness and difficulty is for that person who goes forward but is turned away. As for those who will have regret, they will see that on the Day Judgement and people rise from their graves, the pious will enter Jannah on their Buraq. These people will attain great degrees in piety. The servants and Hurs of Jannah will fold their hands to await these people. As for those who will remain behind, they will wring their hands in regret. On this Day, different people will be put in different categories. On this Day, the pious will be separated from the sinners and transgressors. Even a wife will be independent of her husband and a mother will be independent of her child. A friend will not know a friend and no one will be of assistance. It will a Day of ‘Nafsi Nafsi’. Some will be taken to Jannah with respect and reverence and some will be dragged with chains into Hell. There will be separate paths and separate journeys. The eyes of people will flow with tears and each will look at the other with great sadness and regret. We make Du’a that Allah Almighty in His Infinite Mercy, protect us from immense trauma. Aameen.” (Roudur Riyaheen, 180)




This is indeed the fortune of people who come into this world and do not forget what they came here for. They continue to worship Allah Almighty while they are young and when they become old, whether they are poor or rich, whether they are sad or happy, whether they are well or when they are sick.


It is mentioned that one moment of forgetfulness immerses a person in years of sadness and sometimes this causes a person to lose his Imaan and the punishment of the Hereafter still lies waiting.


When we inspect the lives of the pious Muslims of the past, we will see that not even a semblance of forgetfulness in their Ibadah were ever seen in them. In all their states and conditions, they continued to seek the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty and continued to seek protection from Hell and entry to Jannah.


In the above incident, we see that even though this person was very old and feeble, she continued to increase in her Ibadah and was a symbol of steadfastness and Imaan.


Those of our Muslim sisters who are still fit and healthy and who do not perform their Ibadah daily should take notice of this incident. They also take great pleasure in finding all types of excuses for not performing their Ibadah. Whatever they do in this world also, they seem to have no concern at all.


They should continue to read the story of this old lady and learn a lesson from it so that they also can create a personal revolution within themselves.