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It is reported that there was once a poor person who was also very pious in the Bani Israel. In fact, his poverty reached such a state that he used to be hungry. He sent his wife to look for something outside the house. She went to the door of a rich person to ask him for something to feed her children.


When this rich man saw her suddenly evil was created in his heart. He told this woman that he would be able help and assist her on condition that she gives herself to him. This lady remained silent and walked away from his house.


However, when she returned home and saw the state of her hungry children she returned to the house of this rich person. He asked her whether she had agreed to his proposal. When they were alone the female began to tremble with fear. The rich person asked her to what had happened. She replied, “I am extremely fearful of Allah Almighty and if I did not find myself in this poor state, I would have never come to this house.”


The rich person asked, “You fear Allah Almighty even though you are so poor and destitute?”


His mind then completely changed and he gave her whatever she wanted. She then returned very happy and also made a special Du’a for this rich person.


A few moments later, Allah Almighty sent Revelation to Nabi Moosa Peace be upon him and declared to him, “Convey the message to a certain person who is the son of a certain person that I have pardoned all his sins.” When Nabi Moosa Peace be upon him approached this person, he informed him about the Divine Glad tidings and also informed him that perhaps he had committed a pious and good deed. This was a secret between him and His Creator. The person then revealed to Nabi Moosa Peace be upon him exactly had transpired between him and this female. (Makaashifatul Qulub)




There is no doubt that when a person is blessed with refraining from sin simply because she fears Allah Almighty then this blessing is something which desists a person from committing any sin and transgression. If this female did not have true fear for Allah Almighty, then certainly this incident would not have become a lesson for all believers in the future.


We also come to comprehend that when a person sincerely displays fear for Allah Almighty, then this also has an effect on the other party as well. There is no doubt that our Muslim sisters should bear in mind that success in both worlds depends on the fear one has in one’s heart for Allah Almighty. If one continues to possess this quality, then it would also have an impact on society as well. If however, there is no fear, then society itself becomes a negative society and there is no longer respect and accountability displayed by anyone.


We also make Du’a that Allah Almighty also blesses us with this fear, Aameen.