Download PDF: Lady prevents Temptation

It is reported that once a rich land owner entered his garden. He saw that the person in charge of upkeeping this garden was also sitting with his wife. Since that person’s wife was also very pretty, animal desires were created within himself. He then made some excuse and sent this garden keeper on some errand. When this person left, he then asked the lady to close all the doors of this garden.


However, this lady immediately understood his evil intention. When she returned to him after closing all the doors, he asked her whether she had closed all the doors. She replied that she did but left one door open. When the owner asked her which door was that, she replied the door between her and her Creator.


When the land owner heard these words, it had a great impact on him and he immediately desisted from doing any evil. (Khashful Mahjub)




Allah Almighty indeed sees every action of ours. In Surah Anfal, verse 72, the Qur’an declares:


“Indeed those who accepted faith and left their homes and belongings for Allah, and fought with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s cause, and those who gave shelter and provided help, are the heirs of one another; and those who believed but did not leave their homes – you have no right in their estates until they migrate; and if they seek help from you in the matter of religion then it is your duty to provide help, except against the people between whom and you is a treaty; and Allah sees your deeds.


There is no doubt that Allah Almighty is All Seeing. However at the same time, when He becomes Angry with someone, then His Divine Wrath certainly surrounds that person.


When a person is able to understand these important facts then it becomes difficult for the Satan to mislead him. But when he does become involved in acts and deeds which he is not supposed to do then these verses also encourage him to make Taubah as soon as possible.


A person continues to commit transgression and sins when his certainty on the fact Allah Almighty is watching becomes weaker. At the same time, when he forgets the verses which remind him of Divine Punishment and when this is reversed, then the person suddenly transforms.


Our Muslim sisters should also bear all of these points in their mind. They should also continuously listen to these verses of the Qur’an which describes the immense punishment which may come from Allah Almighty.