Download PDF: [S] To See a Hud Hud in a Dream

It is mentioned that once, the mother of the eminent scholar, Haafizul Hadith, Abu Qulaabah, saw that she had given birth to a Hud Hud when she was pregnant with the great scholar. She then narrated her dream to those who could interpret dreams and they informed her that she would give birth to a very learned scholar and who will also be very pious. A few months later, Imam Abu Qulaabah was born. His eminent state of knowledge was such that it was mentioned that he knew nearly sixty thousand Ahadith by heart. He used to also mention these Ahadith in his lessons. His state of Ibadah was such that he used to recite nearly four hundred rak’ah of Nafil Salaah every day. He passed away in 276 A.H. (Tafseer Ruhul Bayaan)


Certainly the Hoopoe or Hud Hud is considered a blessed bird. During the era of Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – it used to travel forward and also inform him of the depth of the water in front of him. The letter sent to Bilkis was also carried by the Hud Hud. This is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. It is also considered a great blessing to see the Hud Hud in one’s dream.