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The full name of Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Ishaq Sabee – may Allah be pleased with him – is Amar bin Hamdani. He was from Kufah. He was extremely pious and narrates many Ahadith. He was from among the Taaba’een.


Ali bin Mudaini mentions that he narrates Ahadith from Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali, Hadrat Sayyiduna Barra bin ‘Aazib and Hadrat Sayyiduna Zaid bin Arqam – may Allah be pleased with them – etc. The number of blessed companions from whom he recorded Ahadith are eighty in total.


Among his many famous students is Imam Ali bin Mudaini – may Allah be pleased with him – who was considered as one of the greatest scholars of his era.


He was born during the second of the Khilaafat of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Uthman – may Allah be pleased with him – in Kufah. He spent his entire life in the acquisition and teaching of Ahadith and passed away in 129 A.H. (Akmaal, Imam Nawawi)


Imam ‘Amash’s – may Allah be pleased with him – title was “Abu Muhammad”. His full name is Sulayman bin Mehraan Kaahili Asadi – may Allah be pleased with him. One of his famous title is “Amash.” He was born in Persia in 60 A.H. and later settled in Kufah. Some are of the opinion that he was born in Kufah.


Among the scholars of Ahadith, Imam ‘Amash – may Allah be pleased with him – has a very eminent status. He is also considered a mountain of knowledge. Imam ‘Amash – may Allah be pleased with him – also had the opportunity of meeting Hadrat Sayyiduna Aanis – may Allah be pleased with him – hence he is considered among the Taaba’een.


It is mentioned that the number of scholars who were his teachers are beyond comprehension. Among them are Imam Zain bin Wahb, Imam Abu Waa’il, Imam Aamir Shu’ba, Imam Ebrahim Nakh’i – may Allah be pleased with them –  etc.


He also had numerous students and it is mentioned that the majority of Muhaddith in Kufah were his students. Among them are such eminent Imams as mam Sufyan Thouri, Imam Sufyan bin Ayniyah, Imam Shu’ba, Imam Sulayman Teemi, Imam Abdullah bin Mubaarak, Imam Fudail bin Ayyaz, Imam Abu Bakr Ayyash – may Allah be pleased with them – etc. These are those brilliant reflection of knowledge which will be remembered until the Day of Judgement.


Imam ‘Amash – may Allah be pleased with him – was extremely poor but never entertained the rich and powerful. In his entire life, he never visited the house of a rich person or entered the palace of any King. His immense Ibadah is said to be also something which was clearly unmatched. Imam ‘Amash – may Allah be pleased with him – remained in Wudu all the time and used to mention that he was fearful that when death comes, it did not come while he was without Wudu. One of his miracles was that he never missed Salaah with congregation for nearly seventy years. He was also extremely humble and simple. He used to also say that when he passes away, no one should be informed as he did not want to trouble the innocent Muslim from carrying his Janazah. He passed away in Rabil ul Awal 148 A.H. (Tabqaat Imam Sha’rani, Tahzeeb)