Download PDF: [S] To Say In Sha Allah

It is mentioned that Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – had ninety nine wives. Once Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – mentioned that he would visit all of his wives on one night and through this union, a son would be born to each one of them and that all of these sons would spend their lives finding in the Path of Allah.


However, perhaps he was busy with some affairs of the state and since his mind was occupied at that moment, he did not mention the words, “In Sha Allah”.


The result of this was that only one wife became pregnant and that too the child was not properly formed. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, “If Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him –  had mentioned the words ‘In Sha Allah’, then all of these wives would have given birth to a son and all of them would have taken part in Jihad on the Path of Allah.” (Bukhari Shareef)


This also teaches the Muslims the importance of saying “In sha Allah” whenever they intend to undertake any work or action. It is hoped that when a Muslim utters these words, he or she will be blessed with untold success and this deed or work will reach its desired result.


Look at the example of Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him. Even though he was a special Prophet and special servant of Allah, his example proves the importance of saying “In Sha Allah” before we commence any deed. At the same time, since this is a Prophet, his action was not intentional because the Prophets are certainly sinless and above this type of misguidance. Perhaps also, it was done so that it could become a lesson for future generations. Such is the eminence and greatness of these Prophets that even their unintentional mistakes become a source of guidance for people.