Download PDF: [S] The Muhaddith who Cried

It is mentioned that at the age of sixteen, Abu Sa’ad Isbahaani decided to visit Baghdad Shareef to listen to Hadith from Abu Nasr Muhaddith. However, on the road, he heard that Abu Nasr had passed away. He wept when he heard this news and regretted that now he will not be able to acquire this one single Sanad. There is no doubt that such weeping is an indication that a person certainly loves a certain object. He was also someone who had memorised the complete Sahih Muslim and through memory of this masterpiece, he used to teach his students. He had performed eleven Hajj and when he used to sit to eat, his eyes filled with tears. (Hikaayat as Sahaabah)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Wahb bin Mambeh – may Allah be pleased with him – also advises people to seek help from Allah Almighty through Salaah. He mentions that in the past, when Muslims experienced immense difficulty, they used to seek help from Allah Almighty through Salaah.