Download PDF: [S] The Marriage of the Abdaals

It is mentioned that once an Abdaal married a female who was also an Abdaal. Obviously, in this marriage ceremony some of the eminent Awliyah of their era also appeared. Such was the greatness of these blessed souls that instead of bringing any presents for the couple they merely outstretched their hands and pulled something from the thin air and placed it in front of the couple. All types of presents were then placed in front of the couple.


However, Hadrat Sayyiduna Junaid Al Baghdadi – may Allah be pleased with him – who was also present among the guests, presented a small amount of saffron. Hadrat Khidr – peace be upon him – who was also present there then mentioned that as per the occasion, this was the best of presents.


An Aarif mentions, “Once, I noticed forty beautiful maidens from Jannah who suddenly appeared in the heavens. I continued to admire them and for this I spent the next forty days in self regret. After this, I noticed eighty maidens from Jannah who suddenly appeared in front of me and I immediately lowered my gaze, fell into Sajdah and made Du’a, ‘O Allah! I seek Your Divine Protection from everything else. I have no need for these things.’ Allah Almighty accepted my Du’a and these maidens suddenly disappeared from that spot.”