Download PDF: [S] The King who never Loses Power

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Bashaar – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


I was once accompanying the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him. When we reached a certain area, we noticed a grave which was visible. When Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him – saw this grave he began to weep.


I then asked him the reason for this and who did this grave belong to. He replied, “This is the blessed grave of Humaid bin Jabir – may Allah be pleased with him – who used to be the Governor of this entire area. At first he was surrounded by wealth and power but was later blessed with guidance from Allah Almighty.” (He is also included among the pious and noble slaves of Allah).


The great Saint narrates further, “I had received news that one night he was busy in play and enjoyment. In other words, he was someone who had been beguiled by the joys of this world. As the night progressed, he entered the chambers of his favourite wife and spent the night sleeping in that chamber. While he slept, he saw a dream in which someone was standing above with a book. He asked to see the book and when he looked at the book, it bright writing, it read, ‘Do not choose those things which will eventually be destroyed above those thing which will remain forever. Do not be deceived by your strength and might and by your servants and your carnal desires. Even though you may think that you have immense power, the real person power is that person who is never destroyed. A real King is that King who never loses power. True happiness is that happiness which gained without play and sport. Therefore, rush towards the Divine Command of the Allah Almighty.’


The King suddenly opened his eyes and he was extremely depressed. He realised that this was a dire warning from the Divine Court of Allah Almighty which was meant for him. He then left his court and retired to a place where no one recognized him. He continued to busy himself in the Ibadah of Allah Almighty.


The great Saint continues:


When I heard about his story, I decided to visit him and he revealed his entire story to me. I continued to visit him until he passed away and this is the place where he is lies buried. (Uyunul Hikaayah)