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Ahmed bin Jafer reports that when the famous Muhaddith, Imam Abu Muslim Basari – may Allah be pleased with him, arrived in Baghdad Shareef and began to teach Hadith, such large crowds appeared in his lessons that sixty people only stood in different areas to convey the words of the Shaikh. There were also large groups of people who merely stood and listened to his lectures. When the crowd was estimated, it was found that nearly forty thousand people at a time were present. This was completely separate from those people who were actually merely listening and not recording.


Imam Abu Muslim Basari – may Allah be pleased with him – passed away in 292 A.H. at the age of hundred. His body was taken to Basrah where he was buried.


There are numerous incidents of this nature from the past which clearly inform us about the great interest and respect that Muslims used to accord to Islamic knowledge. This also proves that the heart of the Muslims were certainly imbued with immense Imaan and they were very noble in their behaviour. In today’s time, if we had to have such a lesson, it would be difficult to find such crowds.

In those days when people heard that a certain Muhaddith had arrived in town, people used to even leave their daily activities and occupations just to go and sit in these lessons. Sadly, today, we are surrounded everywhere with knowledge, but still people are not interested at all in knowledge. This proves that when we hear the Holy Qur’an or the Ahadith or words of Islamic advice, we put in one ear and allow it to leave through the other. In fact, it is mostly the poor and the ordinary people that would make an effort to attend these Islamic classes.


Another sad thing we notice is that if any political leader come to our area, the Muslims make sure that they visit these functions to listen to nothing but corruption and heresy. In fact, we see that hundreds of thousands of Muslims will attend a political rally but the same people would show no interest if an Islamic event is taking place. There is no Divine Grace which accompanies these wordily political leaders. With these people, there is only disgrace and disrespect. Look at the number of Muslims who are being slaughtered on a daily basis and none of these leaders can even stand up. The list of countries in which Muslims are being oppressed are too numerous to mention, yet no so called Muslim country is doing anything about it.


It must be understood that when the Muslims had real interest in Islamic education, at that time, they displayed immense love and respect for the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and through the light of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah, they were the leaders of their era. They were people who were blessed with both wordily and religious grace. At every step of the way, the Angels used to appear to help and assist the Muslims.


Today, Muslims have turned away from the true teachings of Islam and have decided to use the West as their guidance principle. With the result, when we look around the world, we can see nothing but humiliation which awaits the Muslims.


It is time that Muslims regained their senses and wake up from their dream and stupor. They should start going back to their religious roots so that they can once again gain power and respect. It is important that we acquire Islamic knowledge and teach this to our children. We should strive to become true servants of religion and not mere name-sake servants of Islam. If we do this, certainly the Divine Help of Allah Almighty will always be there to help and assist us.


The arrival of Islamic scholars is certainly something which was to behold in those days. The famous Muhaddith Abu Bakr Jafer bin Al Husain Turki – may Allah be pleased with him – is famously known as Imam Faryaabi. He left his native country and travelled to Egypt to acquire knowledge. He achieved the position of being one of the leading Imams in the faculty of Hadith. Abu Hafz Ziyaat Muhaddith writes, “When Imam Faryabi arrived in Baghdad Shareef, the masses of people welcomed him with playing the tambourine and duff. In fact, he was welcomed as an arriving King. It is mentioned that when he used to have his classes in Baghdad Shareef, in every lesson, there were nearly thirty thousand people that sat in his classes. There were nearly three hundred people that had the duty of merely conveying his words to the masses. He passed away in 301 A.H. It is mentioned that during his life time, he had prepared his own grave and was buried in this grave. (Tadkirah Al Huffaaz)


When we look at the present era, if there is a Sunni scholar present, we will hardly find any people present. Yet, when there is a misled and corrupt religious individual, people will flock in the hundreds to go and visit this “hadrat”. This is the tragedy which is taking place today. People seem to ignore that their greatest asset is Imaan but they will sit in the company of anyone not realising that they will lose their Imaan.