Download PDF: [S] Shaqeeq and the Dog

It is mentioned that Shaqeeq bin Ebrahim was considered a young man who was very wealthy and influential.


The Governor of Balkh was Ali bin Esa bin Haamaan. He was very fond of hunting dogs. One day, one of his dogs became lost and someone complained that this dog was actually in the possession of a certain person. This person lived next door to Shaqeeq. When they began to search for him, he sought refuge in the house of Shaqeeq. When this happened Shaqeeq then approached the Governor and said to him, “The dog is in my possession, therefore please spare this man and within two or three I will return this dog to you.”


The police then withdrew their warrant against this man. When Shaqeeq returned home, he was extremely worried and concerned. Soon the third day came. However, at that time, there was friend of Shaqeeq who was returning to Balkh after going on a journey. As he was walking along, he saw a dog and around this dog’s neck there was special collar which indicated that it belonged to someone. This friend of Shaqeeq then held this dog and decided that he will give this dog to his good friend Shaqeeq knowing that he was very fond of dogs as well.

When Shaqeeq saw this dog, he was extremely happy because this was the actual dog which belonged to the Governor. He then returned this dog to the Governor and released himself of the guarantee which he had taken. Shaqeeq then repented for all his past deeds and chose the road of Tasawwaf. (Risaaleh Qusyariyyah)


He became one of the greatest Saints of his period.