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It is mentioned that one day, Hadrat Sayyiduna Bayazid Bustami – may Allah be pleased with him – was walking with some of his Mureeds when someone threw dirt and it landed on their heads. The great said, “Al Hamdu Lillah”.


His Mureeds asked him whether this was an appropriate time to say these words to which he replied, “That head which was entitled for fire to fall on it through its sin and transgression, if mere dust falls on it, is this not a moment to give thanks?” (Ruh ki Bimaari)


Sultan Salaahudeen Ayubi – may Allah be pleased with him – was one of the bravest souls in Islam. Ibn Kalakaan writes that he used to readily pardon and excuse those who served under him. At times, he may had heard something which was mentioned by someone, but he never allowed those statements or comments to affect his responsibility to Islam.


It is reported that once Sultan Salaahudeen Ayubi – may Allah be pleased with him – was sitting in his court surrounded by various generals when he asked for water. However, no one brought any water. It is reported that he asked for water on five occasions but nobody brought it. Finally, he mentioned that he was dying of thirst and only then did someone bring water. The respected Sultan drank the water but did not complain about its late arrival. (Taarik Ibn Kalakaan)


Once, Sultan Salaahudeen Ayubi – may Allah be pleased with him – had just recovered from illness and he went to have a bath. However, the water was extremely hot. He then asked for cold water which was brought to him. A little of this cold water fell on him and he was extremely disturbed because he was still very weak but he remained silent.