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Allama Alaawudeen was considered a famous scholar of his era. One of the unique qualities of this scholar is that he had spent his entire life in teaching.


Allama Alaawudeen was also connected with the court of Shah Jehan. After Shah Jehan, he was also connected with the royal court of Alamgheer.


It is mentioned that after Sultan Alamgheer had killed his brother and had his father Shah Jehan locked in the fort in Agra, he called a special meeting with all the eminent scholars of that era. Many intellectuals of that period were also present. Allama Alaawudeen was also present in this meeting.


Sultan Alamgheer then addressed everyone and mentioned that his capture of the country was nothing to do with wordily gain and that he had only captured the country for the benefit of the citizens. Everyone present also agreed with the Sultan and also congratulated him on this mission.


However, Allama Alaawudeen was one of those scholars who did not remain silent. He stood up and said to Sultan Alamgheer, “A person who places his own father in jail and yet he says he is doing all of this for the benefit of the citizens, this is indeed very strange.”


It is mentioned that the entire court was silent when these words were spoken and Sultan Alamgheer did not say a word in the face of these brave words.


The father of Sultan Aurangzeb Alamgheer was Jahangheer who was the son Shah Jehan who was the son of Mohammed Akbar. (Ulama Haq)