Download PDF: [S] He did add a Lie in his Book

It is mentioned that when the famous scholar of the Arabic language, Imam Abu Ghalib, had completed his masterpiece on this subject, then the leader of that locality, Ameer Mujaahid sent a thousand Ashrafis to him as a gift. He was also requested by the Ameer to write the following words in the preface of the book. The words were, “This treatise was written by Abu Ghalib for Abul Jaysh Ameer Mujaahid”. When he read this message, Imam Abu Ghalib refused to accept these monies and then informed the messenger of the King, “Inform your King that even if he gives me all the wealth in the world, still too, I will never allow myself to write the smallest lie in my book. I have written this book for the benefit of the general masses and not for any King or ruler.” (Ibn Kalakan, 97)


From this incident, we come to understand the honesty of Imam Abu Ghalib and the contentment, the steadfastness and the independence that the Ulama of Islam displayed.