Download PDF: [S] Allah accepted his Du’as for the Hujjaj

It is mentioned that Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali bin Muwaffiq – may Allah be pleased with him – had performed over fifty Hajj and the Thawaab of all of these Hajj were conveyed to the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, the blessed Ashaab and his parents.


One day, while he was on the plains of Arafat and he was listening to the noise of the people stationed there and in that moment, he made an intention. He made a Du’a, “O Allah! If there are any Hujjaj whose Hajj has not been accepted then I have conveyed the Thawaab of this Hajj of mine to all of them.”


It is mentioned that while he was based in Muzdalifah, he saw Allah Almighty in his dream and he was told, “O Ali bin Muwaffiq! You are trying to display your favour upon Me? I have pardoned even more people than that which you have requested for and I have also accepted the intercession of these people on behalf of their family, friends and their neighbours.” (Roud Riyaheen)