Download PDF: [S] Gold Coins from the Sand

Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Awhaddeen Kirmani – may Allah be pleased with him –narrates:


Once I was on a journey for Hajj in the blessed company of Hadrat Shaikh Jalaaludeen Tabrezi – may Allah be pleased with him. We also experienced severe difficulty on this trip. In fact, many people and even their camels had died on this journey. Some people had such blisters on their feet that they could not travel further on their own. Some people even gave up hope of travelling further.


While we in the bazaar of the Bani Imaam, a person came and began selling his camels. The price of each camel was twenty Ashrafis. Those in the caravan who could manage to purchase this camel did so while the poorer members of the caravan could do nothing but merely watch.


At this moment, Shaikh Jalaaludeen Tabrezi – may Allah be pleased with him – approached the owner of these camels and asked him to count how many camels had not yet been purchased. After counting, it was found that nearly five hundred camels had not been purchased. The great Imam then recited “Ya Lateefuh”  three times and placed his hand in the sand. When he picked up his blessed hands, they were filled with Asrafi coins. He then handed these coins to the camel owner and made sure that everyone received a camel to travel for Hajj.  After doing this, he began to walk himself towards Mecca Shareef. (Sayrul Aarifeen, 240)