Download PDF: [S] Blood Money paid upon his Death

Qadi Abu Tahir Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Nasr – may Allah be pleased with him –narrates:


News reached me that in the locality where Qadi Abu Haazim – may Allah be pleased with him –was the official Qadi, a dispute arose between two people. In fact, this dispute was so serious that they even came close to fighting in the court. All of this was happening in front of the Qadi. One of them was guilty of saying something rude and the Qadi mentioned that this person should be sent to the nearby court so that he could be sentenced and that suitable punishment be prescribed for him.


However, while this person was been punished, he died. Obviously, this death also occurred while the person was receiving official punishment from the State. When the Qadi heard about this death, he wrote an official letter to the Khalifah in which he explained, “May Allah Almighty increase the lifespan of the Khalifah. Two people were brought to my court and one of them displayed such disrespect that I ordered that he be punished. However, while he was being punished, he also died. If a Muslim is been taught a lesson in respect or for his own benefit and his death occurs, then his Diyat (blood money) would have to be paid by the State and from the Baitul Maal to the members of his close family who are still alive. This has also occurred in this instance. Therefore, I would urge you to send the Diyat so that this can be distributed among his family members. May Allah Almighty increase your life.”


When this letter of Qadi Abu Haazim – may Allah be pleased with him – was read by the Khalifah, he replied, “O Qadi Abu Haazim! I have received your letter in which you have given instruction that Diyat should be sent to this person’s family and therefore, I am now sending this to you.”


In fact, the Khalifah sent ten thousand Dirhams to the Qadi and this was then distributed among the living relatives of this person. (Uyunul Hikaayah)