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It is reported that the last ruler of the Mughal era was Bahaadur Shah Zafar. The last few days of his reign was also filled with terror and danger. He had been captured by the British and his entire family and friends were murdered in front of him. He was then thrown into jail. In fact, he was also a well-respected poet and wrote many couplets while in jail. These were later compiled and presented in many different journals of that period.


In one of the famous stories of Bahadur Shah, the story of his amazing elephant also appears. The name of the elephant was Moula Baksh. It was also an elephant which had been used by many rulers in the past. The behaviour of this elephant was something which amazed people as well. It was a tall and powerful looking animal. In fact, such a powerful and well-built elephant was never seen in India again. It never allowed anyone to come near except the person who took care of it.


It is mentioned that one day prior to any Ruler using the elephant, the special keeper used to go to the elephant and say to it, “Moula Bakhsh, it is your turn tomorrow, therefore prepare yourself.”

When the Ruler of the day approached it on that day, it screamed out aloud three times and bowed to the Ruler so that he could climb on the elephant easily. When everyone was ready, then only this elephant pick itself from the ground.  When its duty was over, it sat on one side taking no interest in any activity.


It is mentioned that when the English had captured the capital of Bahadur Shah, from that day, the elephant refused to eat or drink. The keeper also mentioned this to the authorities but instead of believing him the general scolded the keeper and asked him to forcefully feed the elephant. The keeper then purchased some sweet meat and other tasty items and presented in to the elephant. However, instead of eating anything, the elephant picked up these items and flung it as those in front and some of them actually died. Eventually, it was decided that the elephant be sold in the marketplace. But the moment it was sold to an outsider, the elephant fell to the ground and died. (Kitaab Meh Chaman Apna)