Download PDF: [S] He Concealed the Fault of another

It is mentioned that once someone wrote a fraudulent letter in which he fabricated the signature of Fadl bin Rabee and took it to the state paymaster with the message that he be paid a thousand Dinaars. When the paymaster saw this letter, he did not have any doubt and started to count a thousand Dinaars when suddenly Fadl bin Rabee entered the chambers.


The paymaster also mentioned the request of this person and also showed Fadl the letter which he was alleged to have signed. When Fadl bin Rabee looked at the letter and then at the person who had copied his signature, he noticed that the poor person had become pale with fear.


However, such was the mercy of early Muslims that after looking at the floor for a few seconds, Fadl bin Rabee addressed the paymaster and said to him, “Are you aware of why I came to see you at this time?”


The paymaster replied that he was unaware of why Fadl bin Rabee had come to see him. Fadl bin Rabee then declared, “I came to give you clear instruction that you should accept the request of this person and urgently fulfil his need.”

The paymaster immediately handed the thousand Dinaars to the person. Obviously, not only was the person relieved, but he also took a deep breath realizing that his life had been saved. In this state of fear, he sometimes looked at the paymaster and sometimes looked at Fadl bin Rabee. However, Fadl bin Rabee approached him and said to him, “Do not have any fear and you may return home safely.”


When the person saw the kindness of this government official, he thanked him and kissing his hand, he mentioned that that on the Day of Judgement, Allah Almighty must also conceal the faults of Fadl bin Rabee as he had concealed his fault in this world. (Al Mustaraf)