Download PDF: [S] His Salaah saved Him

It is mentioned that in Kufah there was once a person who everyone used to trust. In fact, such was the state of his honesty that everyone left their goods and money with him.


One day, the same person was going on a certain journey when he met a person on the road. He asked the pious and honest person where he was going to and this person replied that he was going to a certain town.


The stranger then asked him whether he could join him. He also asked to rent the animal of the pious person so that he could repay him when they reached their destination.


On the road, the person on the animal mentioned to the honest person that he knew of a road which was much easier and also had plenty of grass for the animal. As they walked on this road, suddenly they entered a barren valley and there a few dead corpses on the side of the road.


The person on the animal then jumped off the animal and wanted to murder the honest person. However, the honest person pleaded that he should not do this but rather take away the money and goods. However, the robber insisted that he will first kill him and then take away the goods.


The honest person then asked that he be given a chance to read two rak’ah of Salaah. The robber then mentioned that he could read his Salaah but all the dead people in this valley had also asked to read their final Salaah but none of this had helped them. The honest person began to read his Salaah and he also mentioned the verse of the Holy Qur’an wherein it is mentioned that certainly Allah Almighty is able to listen to those who call to Him. As he began to read this verse over and over, suddenly a rider appeared from nowhere and killed the thief. (Fadaa’il As Salaah)