Download PDF: [S] His Kingdom for a Glass of Water

It is reported that one day the famous scholar, ibn Samaak, entered the court of the Sultan Harun Rashid. At that moment, Sultan Harun Rashid also felt extreme thirst. He then asked someone to bring him some water.


When the servant had given him this glass of water Ibn Samaak said, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! Please stop. I wish to ask you a question. Imagine if for one moment you are very thirsty and there is no water to drink and you are also dying of thirst. How much will you pay for this one glass of water?”


Sultan Harun Rashid mentioned that he would give half his kingdom away for this one glass of water.


Ibn Smaak then asked him, “Imagine if this water reaches your stomach and you are unable to urinate and your urine also stops, and this water cannot leave your body, how much will you give to cure this sickness and ailment?”


Sultan Harun Rashid replied, “I will give my entire kingdom to get a cure for this.”


When ibn Samaak heard this replied, he said, “When the price of your kingdom is only one glass of water and urine, why should anyone worry himself about something like. Why should anyone display any pride for something like this.”


Obviously, Sultan Harun Rashid was also a very good Muslim and when he heard these words, he started to weep and could not give any answer to these words. (Taarik Al Khulafah, 203)