Download PDF: [S] He coludn’t resisit his Nafs

Hadrat Sayyiduna Jafer Khuldi – may Allah be pleased with him –  reports that once Hadrat Sayyiduna Khayrun Nisaaj – may Allah be pleased with him –  was once asked how he attained the title “Khayrun Nisaaj” which meant someone who was an expert tailor.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Khayrun Nisaaj – may Allah be pleased with him – replied that this was not actually his name or title. They then asked him how he had gained this name and title.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Khayrun Nisaaj – may Allah be pleased with him – explained, “I had made a promise to the Almighty that I would never feed my Nafs sweet dates. I continued to abide by this promise for a long time. However, one day, I could not resist myself and decided to buy some sweet dates and sat down to eat these dates. As I had only finished one date, suddenly a person appeared in front of me and gave me a very dirty look. He then shouted at me, ‘O Khair! You are the slave of mine who had run away.’ I was extremely shocked when I heard this claim and wondered what was happening. I then realised that perhaps this was the name of one of his servants who had run away and he felt that I was that person. In fact, at that moment, my complete facial features had also turned out to be like those of his slave who had run away. This person continued to claim that I was his slave who had run away. When his voice became louder, others also gathered and everyone shouted that I was Khair the servant of this person.


“I also immediately understood the reason that I was being punished in this manner. After all, I had made a promise to Allah Almighty and I had broken that promise. He then took me to his tailor shop and when the other servants saw me, they also shouted at me that I was indeed a bad person for having run off without permission. They then asked me to join them in preparing the clothes they were sowing.


“The owner pointed out a certain set of clothing and I was shocked because when I started to sew this set of clothing, it was like I was already an expert in this field. I then spent many months in the company of these workers sewing different sets of clothing.


“One night, I spent a large portion of the night in Nafil Ibadah. Finally, I went into Sajdah and made a Du’a, ‘O Allah! Please pardon me as I will never break my promise again’. I continued to make Du’a in this fashion the entire night and in the morning, I noticed that my face had returned to its original form. These people then released me from this work and from that moment onwards, people knew me as Khayrun Nisaaj.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)


Look at the immense Ibadah that used to performed by the eminent Awliyah. For them to spent a complete night in Ibadah was common place while for us to spend the entire night in Ibadah is nothing short of a miracle. It is also proves the immense power which they wielded against their Nafs or carnal desires and never allowed this to come in their way of obeying Allah Almighty. It also proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Allah Almighty chooses to teach His special servants a lesson in this world so that in the Hereafter they are people without fear or sadness.