Download PDF: [S] Become a Sincere Worshipper

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ahmed bin Muhammad bin Masruq – may Allah be pleased with him –  narrates that once the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Zun Nun Misri – may Allah be pleased with him –  informed him, “Once during a journey, a female appeared and asked me, ‘What are you from?’ I mentioned that I was a stranger.


She replied, ‘It is very strange that in spite of the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty, you still consider yourself a stranger. Allah Almighty certainly helps those who are in need.’


When I heard these words, I began to weep.


When she saw this, she asked, ‘What had made you weep?’


I mentioned that a plaster has been placed on my heart and very soon, I will be saved.


She then asked me, ‘If you are true in your claim, why do you weep?’

I asked her whether a person with truth does not weep.

She replied, ‘No, because after weeping, a person feels satisfied.’


I was shocked at her words. She asked me the reason for this and I replied that I was indeed shocked at her amazing words and advice. I then asked her to give me advice and she replied that I should become a sincere worshipper of Allah Almighty and that if I did this then on the Day of Judgement I will be among the company of the Awliyah.