Download PDF: [S] She was a Guest of Allah

A certain person narrates that once he left his house for Hajj and on the road he noticed a lady who was also going for Hajj but she had no provisions or even an animal to ride on. She was barefoot and continued to make the Dhikr of Allah.


He approached her and asked, “O servant of Allah! Where are you going to?”


She replied that she was going to the House of Allah.


I then mentioned that she had no animal or any food with her. She replied, “Listen, if you invite some people to your house, is it proper that the guests bring their own food and come?”


I replied that no, this would be improper.


She then mentioned, “Who is more proper than Allah Almighty as a Host?”


We then continued on our travel and she kept asking where the House of Allah was. We mentioned that very soon she will see the House. When she entered the Haram Shareef, she placed her head in front of the Ka’ba and kept saying that this is the House of Allah. She continued to utter these words until she stopped speaking. When we went near, we noticed that she had passed away.