Download PDF: [S] Alcohol and Imaan cannot be Joined

Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Uthman bin Affan – may Allah be pleased with him – has stated:


“Refrain from alcohol because it is the root of all evil. Listen, in previous times, there was a Saint who was also a great worshipper and someone who had abandoned the world. He also lived away from the people in a special place of worship and spent the day and night remembering Allah Almighty.


“However, an evil female decided to follow him. She sent her slave to call this person to her house with a false pretence that she needed a special witness. When this person entered the house, he was taken inside by the servant. As he entered each room, the servant closed the door behind him. When he entered the final room, he noticed a very beautiful female who was sitting on one corner. She had a small child with her and also a glass of alcohol near her. The female then said to him, “I had not called you for the purpose of being a witness. I had called to you to give you three choices. Either you commit adultery with me, or kill this child or drink this alcohol.”


“When this person heard these options, he felt that the easiest choice was drinking the alcohol. As he drank one glass, he asked for another until he became completely drunk. He then killed the child and committed adultery with the female.


O people! Protect yourself from consuming because alcohol and Imaan cannot be joined together. If one arrives, the other leaves.” (Tafseer ibn Katheer)


It is mentioned that at the time of adultery, and at the time of stealing and at that time of consuming alcohol, the person does not remain a believer. (Sahih Bukhari Shareef)