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This is mentioned by Molwi Muhammad Husain Saheb Meerati who is the founder of a famous printing works. He narrates:


I once arrived in Barelly Shareef to meet Sayyidi A’la Hadrat – may Allah be pleased with him. I was informed that he was not well and that the doctors had also restricted him from meeting too many people.


However, when I arrived, I was allowed audience with the great Imam. I noticed that the great Imam had just completed the Maghrib Salaah and was sitting on his bed. The rest of us were sitting on chairs around him. Thereafter, Mufti Azam Hind, Hadrat Moulana Mustafa Raza Khan, Hadrat Moulana Sadrus Shariah, Moulana Amjad Ali, Hadrat Moulana Hashmat Ali Khan – May Allah have mercy upon them – and another person then entered the room.


They sat on chairs near the bed of the blessed Imam. The great Imam then handed a purse of letters to Hadrat Moulana Amjad Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – and mentioned to him, “Today thirty questions have arrived and I have opened one of them. There are twenty nine questions which remain and which you can count yourself.”


He then read all of these questions to the great Imam. After the great Imam heard all of these questions, he began to dictate the answers to each one of them. Each one of these eminent scholars began to record and continued to ask him further as they had completed.


In other words, as each one was in charge of recording the answer to one question, when they had completed, they waited for the other and then said “Jee Huzur!” in other words, they waited for the balance of the answer. In this manner, the great Imam was answering the questions of each one of them without being confused and he knew exactly what he had mentioned to them on each occasion.


In this manner, he answered the four of them and there was no disturbance in continuance. Suddenly, another person who was sitting in the room asked a question and I became extremely angry at this person. When the great Imam was dictating the answers to four people already, was this an appropriate time to ask another question?


However, I noticed that the great Imam was not displeased or angry and calmly answered the question of this person as well. In this space of time, the great Imam had answered twenty nine questions without any break and I was shocked at the amazing memory of the great Imam. In my entire life, I had never seen a person with such amazing memory. (Hayaat A’la Hadrat)