Download PDF: [S] The Debtor’s Trust in Allah

In the Sahih Bukhari Shareef, it is reported from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – that once, the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him –described the state of someone who used to live among the Bani Israeel. This person had asked someone to give him a thousand Dinaars as credit. The would be creditor then asked this man to bring two or three people and to make them his witness that he was asking for credit. However, the person replied that Allah Almighty was sufficient Witness for this fact. When the person heard this, he asked that the debtor should give him the name of someone who will stand guarantee on his behalf. However, the debtor replied that Allah Almighty was a sufficient Guarantor and that he did not need anyone else. Finally, the creditor agreed to this and decided to give the man one thousand Dinaars which had to be paid back within a certain time. The debtor then travelled on a sea voyage and completed whatever he had to complete. After completing his business, he then decided to hire a boat to take him back so that he could repay the debt which he owed.


However, he could not find any boat to take him back. He then took a piece of stick and wrote a letter and tied all of this on the stick and then placing the stick on the ground he said, “O Allah! You are certainly aware that I had taken a thousand Dinaars from a certain person as credit. When he asked me for a guarantor, I had mentioned that I was placing You as my Guarantor and he was satisfied by this answer. I have tried in vain to secure a boat to return this money to him, but have been unable to acquire a boat. I therefore implore You to please allow this money to be received by him.”


After saying this, he placed the stick with the money and the message in the ocean. After he had done this, he continued to look for a boat so that he could return to his town. At the stipulated time, the creditor also arrived on the banks of the ocean to see whether there were any boats that were delivering goods for him. While he stood near the ocean, he noticed a piece of stick and decided to take it home so that he could use it as fire wood.


When he reached his home and carefully looked at the stick, he found the letter and the one thousand Dinaars. A few days, the same debtor also arrived with another one thousand Dinaars to settle his debt. He then mentioned that he has frantically looked for a boat to come in time but had not succeeded.


The creditor then asked him, ‘Did you send anything to me?’


He then narrated the story of the stick. When the creditor heard this, he replied, “There is no doubt that Allah Almighty has indeed allowed your trust to arrive at its proper destination. Please take this one thousand Dinaars and you may happily leave.”


This proves the immense trust that this person had on Allah Almighty. At the same time, even the creditor was someone who had placed his trust on Allah Almighty. Therefore, the result of their clean intention was clearly seen by both parties.


It is said that if all the trees on earth became pens and all the water became ink, still to, the Greatness of Allah Almighty would never be fully explained. It is sad that there are still people who ignore Him and continue to worship idols. Yet, such is the Greatness of Allah Almighty that he continues to send sustenance to the entire creation. Only the true servants of Allah Almighty worship Him, but Allah Almighty never says to the sun or the moon not to shine on those who do not worship him. As the sun shines on blessed people such as Hadrat Sayyiduna Bayazid Bustami – may Allah be pleased with him, in like manner, the shine suns on that person who is walking towards a temple and who intends to completely disrespect Allah Almighty.