Download PDF: [S] The Troublesome Neighbour

Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


I once had a neighbour who was extremely troublesome and mischievous. The entire neighbourhood approached me complaining about him. They also asked me to speak to this person. When I approached this person, I said to him, “There is no doubt that your nonsense has become unbearable. You should either make Taubah or leave this neighbourhood.”


He replied, “I will live in my country and will never leave this place.”


I told him that I will complain to the Ruler of this city. However, he told me that he is friends with this Ruler. I mentioned that I will complain in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty about him. He replied, “My Lord is more merciful than you.” He then left.


During the time of Sehri, I picked up my hands and made Du’a, “O my Lord, a certain person is causing trouble to us, therefore, please punish him.”


However, as soon as I had completed these words, I heard a Voice say to me, “Do not curse him because he is among Our friends.”


I immediately completed my Ibadah and went and knocked on his door. This person was also under the impression that I had come on behalf of the neighbours and that I had come to remove him. He then began to weep and also began to apologise. He said to me, “O my master! I have accepted your advice and I will now remove myself from this neighbourhood.”


When I heard these words, I said to him, “I did not come with this purpose. I only came to inform you that when I had raised my hands in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty to make Du’a against you and to curse you, I heard someone say to me, ‘Do not curse him because he is among our friends.’”


When this person heard these words, he began to weep and made sincere Taubah.


Suddenly, a large crowd began to surround him and people came to him to achieve Barakah. He then departed for Mecca Shareef on foot and decided to settle in that city.


The following year, I also proceeded for Hajj. During the time of Zohar, I was sitting in one corner of the Haram Shareef under some shade when I noticed a large group of people who had surrounded someone. When I looked closely at the person, I realised that this was the same person who used to be my neighbour. He was also breathing heavily. I sat next to his head side and began to weep. When he heard me, he opened his eyes, he noticed me and said, “O Malik! See Allah Almighty certainly pardons the sins of people and He blesses those who shed tears in His Divine Court. Look at me, I left that neighbourhood and because I felt extreme shame for you, I left my country and family even though you are also a creation like me. And yet, I did not feel ashamed for Allah Almighty. On the Day of Judgement, how will I face my Creator?”


He then screamed aloud and passed away.