Download PDF: [S] The Travel of the Awliya Allah

It is mentioned that once a person noticed a non-Arab who was standing in front of the Roza Mubarak and he looked like an extremely pious person whose face shone with immense Nur. He noticed that this Saint was just leaving the Roza Mubarak and decided to follow him.


This person noticed that this pious looking person then entered Masjid Zul Hulaifah and started to read the Durood Shareef and also the Talbiyah. The person following also did the same and also started to follow this saintly person. The non-Arab Saint then turned around and looked at the person following him and asked, “What is that you need.”


The person replied that he wanted to follow this pious looking person.


However, the Saint refused but the old person insisted that he allow him to join his company. Finally, the Saint replied that if this was his sincere intention, then he should follow closely behind him.


After a few minutes, the Saint walked in front and the stranger walked behind him not knowing where they were going to. After a few minutes of walking, they could began to see lights appearing. The Saint then turned around and said to the stranger, “This Masjid-e-Ayesha (which is in Mecca Shareef). You may enter first and me later. It is your choice.”


The Saint first entered the Masjid and the stranger followed him. That night, they rested in the Masjid and in the morning, the stranger could not see the Saint whom he had followed. What was shocking was that he could see that he was standing in front of the Haram Shareef in Mecca.


After making the Tawaaf, the stranger decided to visit a famous Saint in Mecca Shareef who was none other than Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Kataani – may Allah be pleased with him. This Shaikh was also surrounded by other Mashaa’ikh at the time. Shaikh Abu Bakr Kataani – may Allah be pleased with him – greeted the stranger and asked him when he had arrived in Mecca Shareef. The stranger replied that he had arrived last night in Mecca Shareef. He was then asked when he had left Madina Shareef and he replied that he had only left the same evening. The stranger then explained the entire journey and the person whom he had travelled with. Everyone in this congregation looked at him with shock.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Kataani – may Allah be pleased with him –then said, “Perhaps you have no idea whom you travelled with last night. It was none other than Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Jafer Daamighaani – may Allah be pleased with him.


He then asked his Mureeds to go and look for the great Saint. He turned around to the stranger and said, “My dear friend, you have not reached that stage where you can travel from Madina Shareef to Mecca Shareef in one night. Explain to me that when you were travelling with this Saint, how did you feel the ground below your feet?” The stranger replied that it felt like the waves which one feels under a boat. (Roudur Riyaheen)