Download PDF: [S] The three types of Ibadah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Zun Misri – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “I once entered the Haram Shareef and saw a person lying down. He was half-naked and he was also remembering Allah Almighty in a very sad manner. I then approached him and greeted him and asked him who he was. He replied, ‘I am that person who has run away from his would be capturers, in other words, Satan, the Fire of Hell and even Jannah.’ I asked him the reason for this strange reply.


He then began to weep and through his weeping, I also began to weep. He wept to such a degree that he passed away. I then covered his body and went about trying to make arrangement for his burial. However, when I returned, I noticed that his body was nowhere to be found. I began to ask the people around. I also felt extreme drowsiness and dozed off.


In this state, I heard someone say to me, “O Zun Nun! This was that person who lived in the world and who the Satan always looked for but could never find. Even the keeper of Jannah and Hell also looked for him but they could not find him.” I then asked the voice as to where this person had disappeared to and it answered, “At this moment, this soul is with its Creator among the souls of the other friends of Allah Almighty. Remember that there are three types of Ibadah which are performed by people. They are Rahbaani, Haywaani and Rabbani. Rahbaani Ibadah is when a person performs Ibadah out of fear and awe for Allah Almighty. Haywaani Ibadah is when a person performs Ibadah because he has hope in the Divine Mercy and Divine Forgiveness of the Allah Almighty. Rabbani Ibadah is when a person performs Ibadah solely and only for Allah Almighty. He does not does even recognize the world, the Hereafter, Jannah or Hell and even does not recognize his own being and soul. When the first and second group appears from their graves, it would be told to them, ‘You have been saved from the Fire of Hell and you may enter Jannah.’ The third group would be informed, ‘You were those who only sought for Me and I sought for you. I swear by My Divine Greatness that I had only created Jannah for you.’” (Qalyubi)