Download PDF: [S] The Miracle of Bismillah

It is mentioned that once the Emperor of Rome sent a message to Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him – that he suffered from serious headaches. He also asked the great Muslim leader to send him a cure. Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him – sent him a topi or hat and whenever this person placed this on his head, his headache disappeared.


The Emperor of Rome was extremely shocked when he saw this miracle and decided to open the hat to see what was inside. When he opened the hat, he found a piece of recording of the ‘Bismillah’. The Emperor thought to himself that if one single sentence of Islam can be so great, imagine the rest of Islam. He then accepted Islam. (Al Muwaahib. Shamaa’il Tirmidhi)


Another amazing incident about the Barakah of the ‘Bismillah’ is mentioned by Imam Razi – may Allah be pleased with him – in the “Tafseer Kabeer”. He mentions that once, Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – was walking past a certain grave and he noticed that the person was being punished in his grave. However, when he walked past the same grave a few moments later, he noticed that the grave was full of Angels of mercy. When he asked Allah Almighty the reason for this, he was informed that the person was indeed a very sinful person but before he died, his wife was pregnant. Today is the day when his child had attended Madressah and the first sentence which was taught to his child was the ‘Bismillah’. Allah Almighty then informed him that it is a great shame that the father is being punished in the grave while the child is taking the Name of Allah Almighty on earth. And it was because of this that the father was saved from the punishment of the grave. (Tafseer Kabeer)