Download PDF: [S] He gave his Money as a Gift to spare him

Abu Jafer Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Abbas was the second leader of the Abbasi Dynasty and also the first ruler among the Arabs who gave so much of esteem and respect for knowledge and learning. He was also well-learned in classical Arabic and was also well learnt in astronomy.


Abu Jafer Abdullah was born in 118 A.H. and after his brother Saffah had died, he came to power. In 145 A.H., he was also responsible for constructing the city of Baghdad Shareef. He was considered extremely brave and stayed away from sport and play. Abu Jafer Abdullah passed away in the 158 A.H. while in a state Ihraam in Mecca Shareef.


However, once, someone informed Abu Jafer Abdullah that there was a person among his subjects who had taken some wealth of the Banu Ummayah with him. Abu Jafer Abdullah then called this person to the palace and asked him, “I have received news that you have some of the wealth of the Banu Umayyah and this is something which has been left in trust. It would be better for you that you surrender these goods and bring them to the palace.”


The person replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen, are you among the legitimate inheritors of the Bani Umayyah?”


Abu Jafer Abdullah replied that no, he was not. The person then asked, “Did they nominate you as one of their inheritors?”


The Sultan replied that no, he was not nominated. The person then said, “If this the case, what legal right do you have to ask about what I have in my possession?”


Abu Jafer Abdullah then bowed his head and after thinking a while, he replied, “The Banu Ummayah had committed atrocities against the Muslims and had acquired this wealth and I am the official spokesperson for the Muslim in this time and therefore, it is my wish that this wealth be brought and placed in the Baitul Maal.”


Abu Jafer Abdullah then felt that he had certainly silenced this person and that this man would now return these things to the palace. However, his wishes went opposite. The person replied, “O leader of the Muslims! There has to be legitimate testimony and proof in this regard and it must also be proven that the Banu Ummayyah did in fact take this wealth in an oppressive manner from people.”


The Sultan thought carefully about this challenge and realised that this person had made him silent. He then changed his entire attitude and asked the person, “Tell me, is there any way that I can be of service to you?”


The person replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen, there is one favour which I ask of you, I wish that the person who has made this false accusation against me be brought forward. I also swear that I have nothing which belongs to the Banu Ummayyah and I also do not know of anyone who has these things in their possession. However, when I approached you and the manner in which I spoke, I wanted complete clarification in this affair.”


Abu Jafer Abdullah then instructed that the accuser be brought forward. When this person came forward, the accused looked at him and said, “This person is my servant. He had also stolen three thousand Dinaars and ran away.”


When Mansur heard this, he ordered that the person be immediately punished.


At the same time, the servant admitted that he had indeed stolen from his master and that he only made this false accusation so that he could be spared from his real punishment. The Sultan then asked that this slave be pardoned which the person agreed to and also gave this slave another three thousand Dinaars as a gift. This was the honesty and straight forwardness of the earlier Muslims.