Download PDF: [S] The Innocent Black Female Slave

The Mother of the Faithful, Sayyidah Ayesha – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that there was a certain tribe among the Arabs and they had a black female slave. Eventually, they freed this slave but she continued to live with them.


One day, one of the brides of this tribe went outside to bathe and she was wearing a reddish necklace which was made from leather. She placed the necklace on one side or perhaps it fell from her neck without her realizing it. At that moment, a hawk flew past and grabbed the necklace thinking it was a piece of meat.


When the people in the tribe came to know about this, they began to search everywhere for the necklace however, they could not find the necklace. Ultimately, they placed the blame on the black female slave. They also removed her clothes to search her but could still not find the necklace.

The black female slave narrates, “While I was standing in this state without clothes, suddenly the same hawk fly past and dropped the necklace among the people. I then said to them that this is the same thing which I have been unnecessarily accused of stealing even though I am innocent.”


She says that after this, she approached the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and accepted Islam.


The Mother of the Muslims narrates that there was a special tent placed for this female next to the Masjid and from time to time she used to visit the Mother of the Muslims. Whenever she visited, she used to always recite the following couplets.


“The day of the necklace is indeed a most amazing sign of my Creator. Be aware that indeed He has removed me from the city of Kufr.”


Finally, when I asked her the reason why she always mentions these words, she revealed the entire story to me. (Sahih Bukhari)