Download PDF: [S] Young Children are also Awliyah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah Ahmed bin Yahya – may Allah be pleased with him –  narrates:


Once I was sitting in the blessed company of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – when a person appeared in front of him and said, “O Abu Mahfuz! A most strange incident had taken place.”


The great Saint replied, “May Allah have mercy on you, what happened?”


He replied, “My family mentioned to me that they wanted to eat fish. I went to the bazaar to purchase a fish. After I bought this fish, I decided to employ a young boy to carry this fish for me. He picked up the fish and started following me home. On the way, we heard the sound of the Adhan and the young man mentioned to me, “Uncle! The Adhan is being recited, shall we not read our Salaah?”

When I hear the statement of the young man, it was like I had awaken from my sleep. I then agreed that we should first read our Salaah. He left the fish in the Wudu area and we read the Salaah.


When we reached home, I mentioned to my family about the piousness of this young man. They mentioned that I should go and call him for lunch.


When I went to invite him, he mentioned that he was fasting. I then asked him to make the Iftaar with us and he agreed. He then asked me the direction to the Masjid and retired to the Masjid. I then went to see him during the Maghrib Salaah and asked him to come home but he mentioned that it would be better if we read the ‘Isha Salaah and then go home. I said to myself that it would be better to listen to his advice.


After the ‘Isha Salaah, we went home. There are three rooms in my house. One which is the main bedroom, one which is used by my invalid daughter and one which is kept for any guest. My daughter was disabled from the time she was born. She spent twenty years of her life in this manner.


All of us then ate supper and retired to our own rooms. The young man also entered the guest room. Suddenly, in the last part of the night, we heard a knock on our door. I asked who it was and the person took the name of my daughter. I mentioned that my daughter was completely disabled and invalid and she was nothing but a piece of flesh. She also stays all the time in her room. However, she shouted that she was our daughter.


When I opened the door, I saw my daughter standing in front of me. I then asked her how she had become well and fit and she replied, “I heard your voices saying that we have a very pious guest in our house. I then said to myself that I should make Du’a to Allah using the Wasilah of this young guest. Perhaps with his Sadqah, I might become well. I then made Du’a to Allah in these words, “O Allah! With the Sadqah of this young guest, please remove my illness and make me well again. The moment I made this Du’a, I suddenly felt well and with the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty, my hands and feet began to move. You can see that I can once more be able to walk and reach your room.”


The moment I heard the words of my daughter, I immediately went to the guest room to meet the young boy. However, when I entered his room, I noticed that it was empty. There was no one in his room. When I looked at the front door, it was also locked. I have no idea where my young guest had disappeared to.


When Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him –  heard this story he turned to Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah Ahmed bin Yahya – may Allah be pleased with him –  and said, “The Awliyah of Allah are also young children and those who are older. That young boy was also among the Awliyah.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)